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Retail networking solutions for the new normal

From safe checkouts to safe occupancy see how your network can support you to keep your business running while meeting any new requirements.

Safe store occupancy

Your business need

Maximise revenue, footfall and shopper and staff experience by ensuring your retail location is a safe environment.

How we can help

Using Cisco and our Ecosystem partner technology we are able to help provide you the insights, data and analytics needed to manage occupancy levels - enabling your stores to stay open safely.

  • Realtime visibility
  • Set safe thresholds
  • Alerting capabilities
  • Reduce need for manual queue management

Solution overview

Leverage EVERYANGLE's powerful computer vision applications on top of Meraki Smart Cameras to get realtime dashboard visibility into whats happening in your store.

Safe checkouts and queuing

Your business need

You want to keep your business moving, bringing your customers into your stores and enabling them to checkout safely, securely and easily.

How we can help

Together with our Ecosystem partners we can help you to monitor and manage socially distanced queuing. Helping you move people into and through your stores efficiently - so you can keep your business running.

  • Customer and employee safety
  • Realtime visibility
  • Repeat customers
  • Accelerate and maintain revenue

Solution overview

Utilise EVERYANGLE's powerful computer vision applications on top of Meraki Smart Cameras to get realtime dashboard visibility into whats happening at your checkouts and in your queues.

In-store location analytics

Your business need

You want to ensure your shoppers can browse and shop safely, planning your merchandising and layouts to enable safe social distancing for a positive shopping experience.

How we can help

Use wireless insights to understand the location and proximity of customers to ensure your stores are configured to maximise customer browsing and shopping while maintaining safe social distancing.

  • Store analytics and visibility
  • Ability to compare stores
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Improved customer experience
  • Operational efficiencies

Solution overview

Use advanced analytics from Cisco DNA Spaces and your Cisco Wireless infrastructure to learn more about people (visitors, employees) and things (assets, sensors) within your properties.

Shopper Engagement

Your business need

If you are able to identify and engage customers in-store this can help further drive revenue, brand affinity and conversion rates, and improve customer satisfaction.

How we can help

When customers connect to in-store Wi-Fi it provides an additional opportunity to communicate with your customers, and gather insights.

  • Make customers aware of key safety information
  • Deliver location specific information to customers
  • Improve customer experience and brand affinity
  • Get insights into who visited your spaces

Solution overview

Leverage powerful engagement toolkits from Cisco DNA Spaces to understand and engage your customers, and gather additional insights for future planning and optimisation.

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For smooth business operation you need staff to be able to work in your office spaces, safely. This now includes ensuring a safe environment for effective pandemic control.

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