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of people in employment in the UK want to work flexibly
(Source: Timewise, 2015)

UK business culture is reflecting the global trend towards flexible and mobile working. The rewards for employers can be substantial. Remote working opportunities can help you attract, retain and grow top talent, simplify business processes and improve workflow.

While helping employees achieve a better work/life balance along the way. Happier employees show increased productivity, too. Working remotely can even diminish your carbon footprint and office space.
Now that’s good news all round.

Get more done

Retain and grow
top talent

work/life balance


of men and women say work/life balance affects their health negatively
(Source: Hewett Recruitment, 2015)


of workers say adopting flexible working results in improved productivity
(Source: Vodafone, 2016)

of HR professionals believe adopting a flexible, mobile work model delivers competitive advantage
(Source: Cisco, 2014)


The number of people spending more than 2 hours travelling to and from work every day in the UK
(Source: TUC, 2015)


of millennials place flexibility as a top priority while selecting workplaces
(Source: The Future of Work Community, 2015)

70% 2020


The number of organisations predicted to have flexible working by 2020
(Source: Lancaster University Work Foundation, 2016)

of the UK workforce has a home office
(Source: Regus, 2015)


of workers say the option of flexible working would make a job more attractive
(Source: OnePoll, 2016)