Cisco Announces a Change to the Metrics Rules for Incomplete Partner Takeovers

Dear Cisco Partner,

Effective August 1st 2011, Cisco will be making changes to the service programs' metrics rules for incomplete partner takeovers. These changes will enable more equitable treatment in situations involving incomplete takeovers and will and apply to all partner services programs.

In accordance with the Notices section of the Systems Integrator Agreement executed between the parties, the following changes have been made to the service partner programs, pursuant to the Change in Scope section of the specific Cisco services partner program support exhibit:

  • In case of an incomplete takeover (in which the takeover partner has not covered the entire installed base taken over back to back with Cisco), the incumbent partner can request a metrics adjustment by providing evidence of a takeover.

    Upon request from the incumbent partner, Cisco will validate the information provided and, if warranted, will move all items that are subject to the takeover from the incumbent partner's renewal rate (or conversion rate, as applicable) to the takeover partner's renewal rate metric.

    • The incumbent partner will see metrics relief on their renewal rate (or conversion rate, if applicable) for all items subject to the takeover once they are moved to the takeover partner
    • The takeover partner will see all items subject to the takeover included in their renewal rate (or conversion rate, as applicable) as "renewal opportunities" and will receive the renewal rate benefit for any item with takeover coverage
The standard metrics logic relative to takeovers will not change:
  • Attach rate items ("opportunities") covered by another (takeover) partner will continue to be flagged as "other partner" and will provide attach rate metrics benefit to the partner that shipped the product.
  • Renewal rate items covered by another/takeover partner will continue to be flagged as "other partner" and will be excluded from the incumbent partner's metrics, in case an "incomplete takeover" adjustment request has not been made by any party.

The benefits of the changes are:
  • The incumbent partner will see metrics relief for the installed base that was taken over by the takeover partner.
  • The takeover partner will have metrics responsibility (opportunity) for coverage of the installed base that is acquired from the incumbent partner, and will have the opportunity to benefit from takeover coverage in their renewal rate metrics.
  • The end customers will be protected from under coverage related to takeovers. Cisco has a long-term commitment to partner success and will continue to build upon that relationship, recognizing and rewarding partners for their business investments now and in the future.

You can track your performance metrics at Partner Metrics Central. If a discrepancy is found in the data, you must open a case through the Cisco® Service Support Center. Metrics are updated on Performance Metrics Central on the 15th of each month for the previous month's data.

For additional information on the change to the metrics rules for incomplete partner takeovers, please refer to the Partner Takeover Guide.

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