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Reducing flood damage with real-time data

An integrated platform that predicts and helps co-ordinate first responders in disaster situations.


The challenge

The biggest challenge for anyone responsible for dealing with a disastrous event like a flood is a lack of visibility. How do you know where affected people are or which emergency service they need? How far has the disaster spread and where is it headed next?

Having immediate answers to questions like these could limit the damage caused and – most importantly – save lives.

Our answer

Conserve uses secure data virtualisation to put real-time information in the hands of first responders during disaster situations, instantly giving them a top-down view of everything that’s happening.

The impact

•Gain a clearer view during disastrous events

•Improve resourcing in complex and time-critical scenarios

•React more quickly and limit damage

•Train people for future events

Digital age disaster situation management

Connecting emergency services’ data and infrastructure to reduce the impact of flooding.