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The people, tools and methodologies that make innovation happen

How we deliver innovation

Our engine to drive success from co-innovation is based around creating the right environment for all partners to come together. This requires a carefully balanced approach. We work hard to ensure we have the right people, creative environments, and the most pressing challenges in place.



We have a team of innovators who will argue, articulate and advocate for an idea, take risks, drive it forward, and find a way to make it happen.


Our innovation centres across the world are the convening point where ideas become solutions that will transform the way we work, live, play and learn.


Innovation can come from anywhere and through our “Innovation Challenges” we interact with the wider community of innovators and take the best solutions forward.


Mi-IDEA in Manchester, is helping to power a new wave of digital innovation in The North.


Since opening in 2013, over 50 start-ups have graduated from IDEALondon, raising more than £60m in funding.

The innovation challenges

We recognise that traditional ways of getting innovation projects off the ground are limited. That's why we have taken a different approach: launch a 'Challenge’. This is how it works:

Challenge statement

The statement can be set up by anyone: Cisco internal, Cisco partners, Cisco customers, government, academia or even an associated start-up.

Invite ecosystem

We can’t create world changing solutions alone, so we invite our entire Cisco co-innovation to submit their ideas to solve the challenges.


Responding to this challenge with a successful proposal provides the opportunity to develop the solution with the full backing of the Cisco Innovation engine, including our delivery teams and innovation centres.