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Standardisation by always-on journey

IBN (Network Buyer) - NB standardisation for Band A markets continues to edge closer with Germany and Netherlands next in line for asset approval and activation by mid-May. For a full list of timelines, please refer to the NB IBM communities page for updates.

Security - Security journey standardisation is in full swing globally. There will be three tracks in the standardised journey with a planned launch date of end of Q4 FY20 across English-speaking and Band A countries. Two of the three tracks will be launched in English at the beginning of May. To learn more about the tracks and the journey design, please visit the Security standardisation page.

Small Business (SB) - The SB standardisation is on track and UKI will be live by the end of May. The current plan for France, Switzerland and Italy is to go live by the end of June. We are currently working with Global on final adjustments in terms of content. Several new web pages are in the localization process and will be reviewed shortly. The new experience in the US is already showing some good results:

Data Center (DC) – The English standardised journey is live and we are now monitoring performance. We are working on the second phase to get the journey localised into band A languages. Wave 2 of content refresh is underway. For additional information visit DC IBM page.

CIO - Global standardised Journey is due to launch on May the 30th in English. We plan to have localised versions of the journey in Germany, French and Italian by the beginning of FY21.

Collaboration – Standardisation for this journey is paused until Q1 due to global resourcing.

COVID-19 campaign update

In Q3 we launched a "Work From Home" digital campaign to support our customers and prospects who need to work remotely or provide virtual learning solutions during the pandemic situation. One of the key messages that we are promoting is "We're here for you" - Webex and Security free trials are offered.

For further detail on this plan please visit Sharepoint.

Cisco.com details - Q3 Work From Home summary

Q4 Plan

We are working on a x-architecture plan to support Remote Work, Education and Healthcare verticals. More solutions should be embedded in addition to Webex and security, such as Meraki and Data Center.

COVID-19 global page will be leveraged and localised as well as industry pages. New drive to assets will be offered as well. More to come.

Digital Audience

COVID19 Campaign - We have created Adobe Audience Manager segments to track traffic to the global COVID19 page and to the regional Work From Home landing page. These segments can also be used for retargeting and personalization. Get in touch if you plan to run any of these activities.

Among the useful tools supporting the COVID19 campaign, a new Adobe Analytics report has been published with some interesting metrics on the Global COVID19 landing page. The Report is available at https://sc5.omniture.com/x/5_b1qxo

Audiences and Paid Media Integration - Adopting the Q3 Enterprise agreement campaign as a use case we have finalized the integration between the paid media and the audience processes, aligning both with Paid Media Specialists and DWA, end to end from the campaign brief, set-up, trafficking and optimization.

Resources are now available to support the integration Paid media Incremental Briefing: We are working on including additional fields in the request form so that you can provide audience details at the point at which you indicate the project.

New Algorithmic Modelling Functionality - We are working to roll-out a new functionality on Adobe Audience Manager. Algorithmic modelling helps you discover new, unique audiences through automated data analysis and allows to expand reach. The functionality, currently under development, will be released in the next few weeks.

Web Experience

Digital Demand

Partner Digital

Marketing Velocity Activate (MVA) is based around enhancing specific partners’ opportunities to sell into potentially receptive accounts, identified due to a past sale or by having similarity to an existing client. To maximize the value of the accounts identified and aligned to each partner by the Global Partner Digital Team, a selection of tactics, both from Marketing Velocity Central and 3rd-party agencies have been tailored into touch-point strategies that are modular in design.

Differing strategies have been designed for aligned accounts, identified white space accounts and pure prospecting plays. Due to their modular composition, each approach is highly scalable, meaning that a partner with suitable data can be brought to market with just a singular tactic, then have their MVA campaign gradually supplemented with additional elements. All the included tactics are complementary, so whilst able to run independently of one another when working to drive leads, they can also be harnessed together to offer more sophisticated multi-touch methodology.

The core of each campaign is driving accounts already aligned to a partner to a Marketing Velocity Central (MVC) landing page, via a PZN blade on Cisco.com. As this work is done Cisco-side, ABM-focused lead generation driven by Spiceworks, IDG and MRP is underway for eight participant partners already. Using a combination of intent-based keyword research, email outreach and content syndication, the agencies are targeting the identified accounts to drive leads for the partners.

Partners involved so far, span across UKI, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and France, with their campaigns powered by Cross Architecture Small Business data and also Secure SD-WAN-specific. The next wave will see a focus on centralized paid search as the backbone agency-led tactic, which will allow Cisco to control the content focus for search conducted by partners. This will mean a more holistic coverage model for Sprint topics will be achievable across AdWords due to the extension of media budgets through nominated partners.

CDW in the UK is the first to go live in Market for Secure SD-WAN and their tactics include a blade on Cisco.com with a specific bottom of funnel offer – this blade is personalized to their identified account base, and leads off to a landing page. Alongside this are Eloqua led emails to that list, again driving to the bottom of funnel offer. From CDW side they are wrapping their own tactics to drive traffic to that offer, including paid social via LinkedIn and ABM activity from the agencies above.

Social Media

Social Selling Training

To date they have delivered sessions to SB Sales MEA, SB Sales Ops EMEAR and EMEAR & APJC X-Sell teams and sessions are planned for Cisco Capital teams. Attendees are guided through the eight steps to social selling success in an interactive workshop with relative tips, case studies and best practices. Attendees are also encouraged to join LinkedIn Elevate and access the Social Ambassador Kick Start email training series to further enhance their skills. Training sessions can be requested here: www.bit.ly/EMEARSocialForSales

Small Business Sprint: Advocacy Contest

Team members were encouraged to share content to support the Small Business Sprint to drive engagement with their network – this content consisted of marketing and third-party content uploaded to Elevate as well as independently sourced content shared individually via the Elevate platform. Users performance was measured by overall engagement and increase in SSI (social selling index) score. The overall increase in number of shares was small (25.46%) but the focus on authentic, valuable sharing helped to increase engagement by 65.91% and clicks by 214.7%. The team averaged an SSI score increase of 9.34% across the contest period. We are working to formalise the process for contest set-up and will deliver this in an upcoming Weekly EMEAR Digital Update. In the meantime if you are interested in running a similar contest please reach out to Jemma Smith on the EMEAR Social Media Team (jemmsmit@cisco.com)