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delivery options

Flexible Delivery Options

Standard Delivery

This is the most intense but also the shortest option. Students need to be fully engaged, 6 days per week. Our instructors and coaches take care of every individual student in person and will make sure that weekly goals will be achieved. Usually, there is also an assessment / certification test at the end of each week. The program (excluding internships) lasts 17-25 weeks, depending on which level is selected.

Extended Delivery

This also requires students to be engaged for only either 3 or 2 days per week. This option supports employers who want their staff to be available part time to perform regular work at the company. Obviously, this takes more time but also allows students more flexibility in acquiring knowledge, preparing for assessments, etc. The program (excluding internships) lasts 24-50 weeks, depending on which level is selected.

Mixed Delivery

In case we need to support very diverse groups (due to existing knowledge or geographic location), we can use a combination of the various delivery methods to offer individualized mixed deliveries. For example, some foundational knowledge can be consumed via self-paced delivery while the remaining content is consumed either as standard or extended delivery.

Important Note: In these challenging times surrounding the global fight against COVID-19 (coronavirus), the health and safety of our employees and customers is of central importance to us. To this end, we have designed the program so that it can be fully completed online from a remote setting, no classroom attendance required. Both program durations-  standard and extended- can be delivered in the online format.