The agent desktop has long been a challenge for contact centres, in our recent survey on Tomorrow's Contact Centre, 77% of UK contact centre managers stated that they needed to transform the agent desktop.

Cisco Finesse enables you to do just that. A next generation agent desktop environment, FinesseⓇ allows you to consolidate in a single intuitive interface, all of the applications, data and tools that an agent needs to deliver the right customer experience.

Cisco Finesse:

Intuitive Consolidated Agent Desktop

It is vital that contact centre agents focus on the conversation they are having with the customer and not on how they navigate from system to system and screen to screen to access the information they need.

Cisco Finesse provides a single desktop environment across your Cisco contact centre. In one environment it delivers cross-channel access to your agents including call control, SocialMiner, Web-chat as well as a host of real-time contact centre reporting and insight.

Single View of The Customer

Cisco Finesse also enables you to create a "single view of the customer" by delivering a consolidation of relevant data drawn from a number of different customer and transactional systems.

Built on a Web 2.0 interface, Cisco Finesse delivers a feature rich SDK that enables for you to create an environment that is centred round your customers, their experience and how your agents consistently and effectively deliver the required experience.

Integrating Eco-System Partner Solutions

As an open environment, Cisco Finesse acts as the hub for our eco-system partners to deliver value-adding tools and applications embedded into the Cisco Contact Centre.

This allows you to build on your Cisco Customer Collaboration environment with a comprehensive range of solutions that deliver exactly what your contact centre needs.

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