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Cisco Expert Talks

Webinars on demand delivered by Cisco experts

Cisco Webex - Harnessing the Power of Teams for SMBs

Give your teams the tools to work the way they like best, whether they’re at a desk or on a mobile device. Cisco hardware and software make meeting rooms smarter and team interactions flow more smoothly. 

Watch the Cisco Expert Talk to understand how.


Threat landscape

Did you know that the global cybercrime market may reach the $1 trillion mark this year? In this webinar, we talk about how cyber threats such as ransomware are quickly evolving and the impact they can have on long-term business performance and customer retention.

Security in the cloud

Cloud-based technology is quickly becoming the new rule. Gartner says that by 2020 a “no cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no Internet”...

TALOS: Threat intelligence

That’s what threat intelligence is all about: helping organisations protect themselves. It gives insight into the types of threats...

All about the endpoints

There’s so much valuable data in our endpoints, but how can we stop hackers from getting their hands on it?


Email is today's #1 Threat Vector. Are you secure?

Today's workers demand to be connected from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Today's threat landscape becomes ever-more...

What a Next Generation Firewall should be

Today's threat landscape becomes ever-more dynamic. Traditional approaches to security aren't working anymore.

Ransomware. Protection Before, During and After an Attack

Ransomware has the potential to encrypt the most valuable assets – our data.


Cisco Networking Solutions for Midsize

IT Made Easy. Watch our video to see how Cisco makes IT easy; why your IT network is so critical to your business and what’s different about Cisco.

Meraki. Introduction to Cloud Networking

Managing multi-site, million-user deployments or even smaller, single-site deployments can be challenging, but the Cisco Meraki solution makes it simple.

How digital transformation can reshape your customer experience

In our hyper-digital world, the customer experience (CX) is changing faster than ever before.

Customer stories

"How we’ve helped business in the UKI"



Demo - Day in the Life of a Connected Employee

With the evolution of virtual meetings, your teams are working on multiple devices, from multiple locations.

Cisco Webex - Harnessing the Power of Teams for SMBs

Work better together, just like in person. Start video meetings that let people feel like they’re at the same table. Create together on interactive white boards.

Collaboration for everyone

Today's small and medium sized businesses are contending with a more competitive market than ever before. In this session, discover how companies in the SME space can stay connected and ahead of the coopetition...

Data Center

The new era of networking pioneered by Cisco is driving innovation across our entire portfolio – and specifically in the way we manage the data center. 

Cisco Capital

Spread costs of all Cisco solutions over 3 years at 0% interest’

Bring your business forward without affecting your cash flow. With the Cisco easylease program and selected financing partners.

you finance hardware, software and services with a 0% requirement

low initial payment and convenient 36 monthly rates


the application procedure is simple and fast


ensure flexibility and productivity at the lowest total cost

Digital transformation for SMBs

Transform your future.