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Tech Connect Webinar Series

Tech Connect Webinar Series

This series of webinars goes beneath the surface and addresses your real IT challenges across Enterprise Networking, Security, Data Centre and Collaboration. Deep dive into each topic with our bi-monthly sessions to learn more on how Cisco solutions can help your business.

What you’ve missed…

The DC Needs to go Anywhere the Data is

With applications active at all points on the network, the data center can no longer be confined to a specific place, but more of a nerve cluster situated where the data is—which could be anywhere along the edge-cloud continuum. At the edge, where new data is generated. In the cloud or on-premise, where it’s processed. Wherever it makes the most sense to execute at speed. Ready and able to provide intelligence on the spot. Ready for change. Ready for growth. Ready for whatever the organization needs next.

There will also be a demo on Cisco ACI integration with AWS in which security policy is managed centrally with Cisco Multisite orchestrator for workload in both on-premise and public cloud environment.

Joseph Yap, ASEAN DC Switching Lead
Huyen Duong, Technical Marketing Engineer

Past Webinars

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