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Deliver exceptional digital experiences across every application

With Cisco Full-Stack Observability

Your business depends on experiences that happen on applications.

Applications are where you:

Attract and reach customers

Forge relationships with your customers

Create value for your customers

For today’s businesses, elevating the application experience is key.


report that the need to maintain the performance of business applications is now more important than ever.1

But elevating application experiences is not straight forward, because modern applications are complex and dynamic.

They are:

Built in the multi-cloud environment

Running on cloud-native and hybrid cloud architectures

Based on massively decentralized services

All this leads to:

Spiraling complexity with lack of visibility


Face more complexity than ever before and wrestle with overwhelming data noise2

Limited real-time application and business insights


Challenged in cutting through the volumes of data to identify root causes of performance issues2

Inability to prioritize actions for users and businesses


Anticipate negative consequences for their business from lack of insights and visibility2

There’s a lot going on behind every application experience across the technology stack.






Web service

That means even a small issue in one service layer can have a cumulative effect on overall application experience — and degrade it.

If you can’t deliver a great experience, your customers will find someone who can.

So what do you need?

Cisco Full-Stack Observability moves beyond domain monitoring into full-stack visibility, insights, and action, tied to business context, so operation teams can effectively deliver exceptional digital experiences for customers and employees alike.

Full-stack visibility

Gather, unify, and correlate data.

Full-stack insights

Quickly prioritize and isolate contextual insights.

Full-stack actions

Observe insights, recommend prioritized remediation, and autonomously execute them.


of technologists state that full-stack observability is core to sustainable transformation and innovation in their organization.1

Cisco Full-Stack Observability addresses your most critical needs:

From performance...

Hybrid application monitoring

Monitor performance of your traditional and hybrid applications that are often monolithic, hosted, and leveraging traditional infrastructure and hybrid cloud.

Modern application monitoring

Monitor performance of your cloud native applications that are often microservices-based, distributed, and leveraging cloud technologies hosted on public or private clouds.

Digital experience monitoring

Gain actionable, end-to-end insights into your application experiences and their underlying dependencies and business impacts.

Application dependency monitoring

Assure the performance of your managed and un-managed (3rd party) application services and APIs, including their Internet and cloud network performance.

...to optimization...

Hybrid cost optimization

Lower your costs by only paying for what you need in public cloud and by safely increasing utilization of your on-premises assets.

Application resource optimization

Improve and assure application performance by taking the guesswork out of resource allocation for your workloads on-premises and in the public cloud.

...to security.

Application security

Actively identify and block vulnerabilities found in your application run-times in production.

Cisco Full-Stack Observability empowers your teams to:

Improve customer satisfaction

Reduce MTTI and MTTR to improve app uptime and performance.

Lower costs

Map app-to-infrastructure dependencies to prevent over-provisioning.

Accelerate innovation

Establish common app vocabulary between dev and ops teams.

Increase resilience

Proactively contextualize data to increase app and infrastructure uptime.

So you can tie everything back to the business context and deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Take a big step forward on your journey towards elevating digital experiences for your customers and employees with Cisco Full-Stack Observability.

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