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Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

Day 1

3rd September 2016


Get ready to experience a different kind of Japan. Up north in Hokkaido, its peaceful, serene and tranquil, the perfect place for you to unwind and relax after a hardworking quarter.

Upon your arrival at New Chitose Airport (CTS), our Meet & Greet staff will welcome you and bring you to Hilton Niseko. Get settled and spend the afternoon at your leisure. Take the afternoon to soak in the hotel’s onsen, walk around the vicinity and experience the little Niseko village or sleep the afternoon away and prepare yourself for the celebrations ahead.

Welcome Dinner

Feast and drink with your fellow winners over dinner.

Come together as commercial champs and join us as we celebrate your achievements. Use this opportunity to get to know your fellow champs and forge new friendships for the days ahead.

Day 2

4th September 2016

Business Session

We begin the day with a business session that shares the latest updates on the quarter and the year ahead.

Stay up to date with Cisco's plans for the future at this business session.

Mount Usu

Stand at the top of Mount Usu and enjoy the scenic views that this mountain offers including Hokkaido's famous, Lake Toya.

Located on the Shikotsu-Toya National Park, Mount Usu is an active stratovolcano that has erupted four times since 1900. Head to the top of this mountain and explore the Crater Basin viewing platform and the Lake Toya viewing platform.


Dinner on this night will be held at the famous Windsor Hotel Toya.

This hotel played host to the 34th G8 Summit and rightly so. This hotel sits at the top of Mount Poromoi which is 625m high, therefore providing a scenic view of the beautiful Lake Toya.

Enjoy cocktails at the lawn and watch the sun set against Lake Toya. It will be a view, you'll never forget.

Day 3

5th September 2016

Experience summer in Hokkaido!

Hokkaido is known for its sporting summer and its good food. Choose to be part of a sporting activity or to be part of a culinary escape. However you choose to experience her, Hokkaido will never disappoint.

Note: There are limited seats for each track and you are encouraged to register ASAP to guarantee a spot in your preferred track.

On this day, we will check out of Hilton Niseko, travel to Sapporo and check into Sapporo Grand Hotel.

Track 1 – Golf

Be ready for a challenge and join us in playing in one of Hokkaido’s championship course at The North Country Golf Club.

This golf course has seen the 1st Sega Sammy Golf Tournament, 2nd Sega Sammy Golf Tournament and the 11th Nagashima Shigeo Invitational Sega Sammy Cup Golf Tournaments.

You're in for a challenge!

Track 2 – Fly Fishing

You may have seen this in the movies and now its your turn. Spend a tranquil day along a river in Niseko learning how to fly fish and catching yourself a trout or two.

On this track, we will spend the morning learning to cast and fish. After our morning activities, we'll head for lunch and then make our way to Sapporo. On our way to Sapporo, we'll stop by the famous Otaru where many sweet treats await.

Track 3 – Culinary Adventure

Calling all foodies out there!

Spend a day enjoying the culinary delights of Hokkaido. We start out with a fruits picking activity where you’ll be able to pick the freshest grapes right off the vine. After which, we head to a class where we will learn to make our very own ice cream using fresh milk that Hokkaido is famous for.

For lunch, we head to a cooking school in Niseko where we’ll make our own sushi roll and after lunch, we’ll make our way to Sapporo. On our way to the city, we’ll stop by the famous Otaru where we’ll enjoy a guided tour of this street’s famous treats.


This will be our last meal together in Hokkaido, with all our commercial champs from all over APJ. So, join us as we toast, feast and celebrate our past and future successes.

Here's to our partnership!

Day 4

6th September 2016

Sapporo Day Out

We're in Sapporo!! This is your opportunity to discover the 4th largest city in Japan. Two half day tracks await you, both offer to show you what Sapporo is famous for. Both these tracks will begin in the morning with a trip to Curb Market (Sapporo's Central Wholesale Market) where you'll find the freshest Hokkaido seafood at reasonable prices. After our morning trip to the market, the group will split into their individual tracks, each taking their own route.

Track 1 – A day around Chocolate

Shiroi Koibito is one of Sapporo’s famous chocolate biscuit. Choose to visit the Ishiya chocolate factory to learn how they turn cocoa into delicious chocolate biscuits that everyone has fallen in love with.

Track 2 – A day with Whiskey

Are you a whiskey lover? If yes, then this is the track for you.

On this track, we visit the Nikka whiskey's distillery in Hokkaido that was established in 1934. Learn more about the founder of this whiskey, how his trip to Scotland inspired him to distill his own whiskey and how his label has transformed into a worldwide phenomenon.

As part of our tour, we will also be able to sample some of Nikka's whiskey and you'll see for yourself why many have fallen in love with it.

Track 3 – Discover Sapporo on Your Own

If you are an avid explorer, you might want some time to explore this city your way. Choose this option if you would like to have the day to yourself to venture around.

Day 5

7th September 2016


Our time in Hokkaido has come to an end.

Departure transfers will be arranged for those who are departing on the 7th of September on our pre selected flights. Do look out for details of your transfer on your departure note.

Hotel Information

Hilton Niseko

Set at the foot of the Niseko Annupuri Mountain, Hilton Niseko Village is the perfect location to enjoy a range of exciting outdoor activities. During the summer, the mountain is perfect for hiking, biking and hot-air ballooning. Besides the activities it has, this hotel also offers amazing views which you would enjoy during our 2 night stay.

For more information, click here.

Sapporo Grand Hotel

To enjoy Sapporo at its best, you’ve got to be staying at a centrally located hotel and our answer to this is Sapporo Grand Hotel.

Established in 1934 as Hokkaido’s first ever western-style hotel. This hotel prides itself on being able to offer the highest possible service as they place hospitality as their number one priority.

For more information, click here.

Flight Patterns Into Hokkaido

Based on the Arrival Date, 3 September 2016

Australia (Brisbane)

Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
Brisbane - Sydney Qantas Airlines QF 547 2 Sep 1755 1930 12h 35mins
(transit: 1h 30min)
(transit: 4h 00min)
Total: 18h 05mins
Sydney – Tokyo QF 25 2100 0530 (+1)
Tokyo – Hokkaido Japan Airlines JL 509 3 Sep 0930 1100
Hokkaido – Tokyo Qantas Airlines QF 4165 7 Sep 1625 1800 10h 40mins
(transit: 2h 40min)
Total: 13h 20mins
Tokyo – Brisbane QF 62 2040 0645 (+1)

Australia (Perth)

Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
Perth – Singapore Qantas Airlines QF 71 2 Sep 1200 1720 13h 50mins
(transit: 4h 30min)
(transit: 3h 40min)
Total: 22h 00mins
Singapore – Tokyo QF 4025 2150 0550 (+1)
Tokyo – Hokkaido Japan Airlines JL 509 3 Sep 0930 1100
Hokkaido – Tokyo Qantas Airlines QF 4165 7 Sep 1625 1800 16h 20mins
(transit: 2h 40min)
(transit: 1h 30min)
Total: 20h 30mins
Tokyo – Brisbane QF 62 2040 0645 (+1)
Brisbane – Perth QF 589 8 Sep 0815 1155

Australia (Sydney)

Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
Sydney – Tokyo Qantas Airlines QF 25 2 Sep 2100 0530 (+1) 11h 00mins
(transit: 4h 00min)
Total: 15h 00mins
Tokyo – Hokkaido Japan Airlines JL 509 3 Sep 0930 1100
Hokkaido – Tokyo JL 522 7 Sep 1800 1935 11h 05mins
(transit: 2h 25min)
Total: 13h 30mins
Tokyo – Sydney Qantas Airlines QF 26 2200 0830 (+1)

India (New Delhi)

Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
Delhi – Tokyo Japan Airlines JL 740 2 Sep 1935 0725 (+1) 10h 10mins
(transit: 3h 00min)
Total: 13h 10mins
Tokyo – Hokkaido JL 6115 3 Sep 1025 1215
Hokkaido – Tokyo JL 6112 7 Sep 0820 0955 10h 10mins
(transit: 2h 35min)
Total: 12h 45mins
Tokyo – Delhi JL749 1230 1735

Indonesia (Jakarta)

Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
Jakarta – Tokyo All Nippon Airlines NH 856 2 Sep 2125 0710 (+1) 9h 20mins
(transit: 1h 50min)
Total: 11h 10mins
Tokyo – Hokkaido NH 55 3 Sep 0900 1035
Hokkaido – Tokyo NH 2154 7 Sep 1405 1545 9h 30mins
(transit: 2h 20min)
Total: 11h 50mins
Tokyo – Jakarta NH 835 1805 2355

Japan (Tokyo)

Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
Tokyo – Hokkaido All Nippon Airlines NH 57 3 Sep 0930 1105 1h 35mins
Hokkaido – Tokyo NH 66 7 Sep 1430 1605 1h 35mins

Korea (Seoul)

Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
Seoul – Hokkaido Korean Air KE 765 3 Sep 1010 1255 2h 45mins
Hokkaido – Seoul KE 766 7 Sep 1415 1710 2h 55mins

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
Kuala Lumpur – Seoul Korean Air KE 672 2 Sep 2315 0640 (+1) 9h 10mins
(transit: 3h 30min)
Total: 12h 40mins
Seoul – Hokkaido KE 765 3 Sep 1010 1255
Hokkaido – Seoul KE 796 7 Sep 0855 1155 9h 20mins
(transit: 4h 40min)
Total: 14h 00mins
Seoul – Kuala Lumpur KE 671 1635 2155

New Zealand (Auckland)

Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
Auckland – Sydney Qantas Airlines QF 148 2 Sep 1605 1745 14h 40mins
(transit: 3h 15min)
(transit: 4h 00min)
Total: 21h 55mins
Sydney – Tokyo QF 25 2100 0530 (+1)
Tokyo – Hokkaido Japan Airlines JL 509 3 Sep 0930 1100
Hokkaido – Tokyo JL 522 7 Sep 1800 1935 14h 20mins
(transit: 2h 25min)
(transit: 2h 30min)
Total: 19h 15mins
Tokyo – Sydney Qantas Airlines QF 26 2200 0830 (+1)
Sydney – Auckland QF 321 8 Sep 1100 1620

Philippines (Manila)

Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
Manila – Seoul Korean Air KE 624 3 Sep 0030 0520 6h 35mins
(transit: 4h 50min)
Total: 11h 25mins
Seoul – Hokkaido KE 765 1010 1255
Hokkaido – Seoul KE 766 7 Sep 1415 1710 6h 50mins
(transit: 2h 55min)
Total: 9h 45mins
Seoul – Manila KE 623 2005 2300


Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
Singapore – Tokyo All Nippon Airlines NH 844 2 Sep 2215 0630 (+1) 8h 50mins
(transit: 1h 30min)
Total: 10h 20mins
Tokyo – Hokkaido NH 53 3 Sep 0800 0935
Hokkaido – Tokyo NH 2154 7 Sep 1405 1545 8h 55mins
(transit: 1h 15min)
Total: 10h 10mins
Tokyo – Singapore NH 845 1700 2315

Thailand (Bangkok)

Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
Bangkok – Tokyo All Nippon Airlines NH 850 2 Sep 2210 0620 (+1) 7h 45mins
(transit: 2h 40min)
Total: 10h 25mins
Tokyo – Hokkaido NH 55 3 Sep 0900 1035
Hokkaido – Tokyo NH 2154 7 Sep 1405 1545 8h 20mins
(transit: 2h 35min)
Total: 10h 55mins
Tokyo – Bangkok NH 805 1820 2300

Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

Carrier Flight No. Date Departure Time Arrival Time Total
HCMC – Tokyo Japan Airlines JL 70 2 Sep 2325 0655 (+1) 7h 00mins
(transit: 2h 20min)
Total: 9h 20mins
Tokyo – Hokkaido JL 595 3 Sep 0915 1045
Hokkaido – Tokyo JL 6118 7 Sep 1355 1530 7h 35mins
(transit: 2h 30min)
Total: 10h 05mins
Tokyo – HCMC JL 759 1800 2200

Hokkaido – General Information

About Japan, Hokkaido

Hokkaido formerly known as Ezo is the second largest island of Japan, and the largest and northernmost prefecture. Known as a nature and sports haven, Hokkaido is one of Japan’s most popular tourist destination.

This island is not your typical Japanese city where its crowded, energetic and culturally intense. Up here, it is a different world, a tranquil one where you’ll experience a different side of Japan. A region with an abundance of natural beauty.


Citizens of the following APJ countries will require a visa to enter into Japan:

  1. 1. India

  2. 2. Indonesia

  3. 3. Philippines

  4. 4. Vietnam

Should you need to apply for a visa or would like to verify if you require a visa to enter into Japan, please contact the Cisco Sales Challenge Secretariat at +65 6959 7620 or email at ciscosaleschallenge@x-periencematters.com.


The official currency of Japan is "Yen" or "JPY" in foreign characters, and the currency sign is written as "円" or "¥".

Notes are available in denominations of 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000 yen, and coins are in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500 yen.

For more currency exchange information, please visit: www.xe.com/ucc/.


In Hokkaido, 8 percent consumption tax is added to the vast majority of goods and services. Tax-free stores with bear the logos below.

To apply for tax exemption, please present your passport (a copy is not allowed) to the cashier.

There are two kinds of processes of applying for tax exemption, depending on the store.

  1. You can pay the amount (excluding 8 percent tax) when you purchase the products.
  2. You can get a refund at the tax refund corner in the store by showing your passport, purchased items and receipt.


In Japan, smoking is banned in most of public facilities and on public transport. Smokers are only allowed to smoke at the designated areas with an ashtray or an air filter. Smoking outside of the designated areas can result in a penalty.


Individual tipping is not common in Japan. However, a 10 to 15 percent service charge is added to bills at higher-priced hotels and restaurants.


Electricity throughout Hokkaido is 100 volt and a 2-prong electrical outlet is widely used in Hokkaido. If you are traveling with electrical or electronic devices, be sure to bring a 2-prong outlet international adapter with you.


The official language in Japan is Japanese. English is not commonly spoken throughout the country.

Business Hours

Shopping centres and department stores are generally open from 10:00 to 19:30/20:00.

Small shops open from 10:00 to 20:00. Many shops, including shopping centres and department stores, open on Sunday as well.

Banks in Hokkaido are open from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 15:00.

Most of the convenience stores are open 24 hours a day all year round.

Cell Phone Usage

Japanese phone numbers consist of an area code and a phone number. For example: (03) 1234-5678. The phone number has ten digits regardless of the area code's length. Mobile phone numbers typically has eleven digits.

The area code for Hokkaido (Sapporo) is 011. When you are making domestic calls within the same area code, simply dial the telephone number of the person you are calling.

In order to make international calls, first dial 010 (international dialling access code), then the country code, the area code, and finally the telephone number.


The weather in Hokkaido in September is generally pleasant. With the highest temperature at 24 degrees celcius and the lowest at 14 degrees celcius, Hokkaido promises to offer a comfortable environment for sightseeing.

(in degree Celsius)
Average Minimum Temperature 14
Average Maximum Temperature 24


With mild daytime temperatures and chilly evening temperatures, you’ll need to pack a mixture of light clothing – such as t-shirts, thin jumpers and shorts – as well as warm clothing – like light jacket, light sweater, jeans and hats – for your holiday in Hokkaido in September.

Since the probability of rainfall is relatively high during this month, it’s also worth packing some waterproof clothing or an umbrella.


Japan's time zone is at GMT/UTC +09:00 hours.

You can check the time difference between your country of residence and Japan at http://www.timeanddate.com/.

To find out more about Hokkaido, visit http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/location/regional/hokkaido/.