The Dawn of a New Day

The modern network is breaking records that could not have been imagined years ago. And, in the process, opening career paths.

Those looking for a simple and sure path into the digital economy can look to Networking Academy. Our best-in-class networking courses and CCNA certification have helped many students find what they’re good at—and what they love.  You, too, can find your fast groove.

Networking Revs Up

Fast cars, big dreams make the race toward Cisco CCNA certification so exciting. There are 3 racers, 3 different paths. Who will win?

  • Chen, taking IT Essentials is Racer 1
  • David, taking Networking Essentials is Racer 2
  • Leah, taking Cybersecurity Essentials is Racer 3

Turn up your speakers and watch live race!

Tell the World

Hear from students who have been in your shoes. Deciding what career to pursue. They really like networking and want to tell the world why.

From left to right
Diana | Leroy | Surya | Ricardo | Igor

Ready to join the race yourself?

Choose your wheels now.

IT Essentials

Learn the ins and outs of computers and mobile devices—and how to configure them to a network securely.

Networking Essentials

Understand how devices communicate on a network. Then get the chance to build your own network with actual troubleshooting!

Cybersecurity Essentials

Get an overview of the cybersecurity field and the characteristics and tactics used by cyber criminals. Then delve into proper responses.

Real Cisco Mentors

Everyone has a story, but none so great than those who have landed their dream job at Cisco thanks to Networking Academy.

Curious about their journey? Wonder what course they liked best? Or, more importantly, how the stars aligned for their success?

No more guessing required. Hear their stories:
Nathan Holland, Systems Engineering Manager
Adrian Aguilar, Technical Consulting Engineering
Chiara Pietra, Systems Engineer
Vladimir Orlov, General Manager, Cisco Azerbaijan
Michael Maguire, Lead Local IT
Fred King, Business Solutions Architect, Global Education Team
Herfiedhantya Bhagaskara, Networking Academy Technical Manager ASEAN

Get more CyberSmart

An unprotected device can be vulnerable to a cybersecurity attack in a matter of minutes.