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Cisco Connect

Next-Generation Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Support Any Application on Any Cloud at Any Scale

The Data Center landscape is changing rapidly. Find out how you can embrace the change

    Time Topic Speaker Description
    1.00PM - 1:30PM Data Center Transformation: Emerging Trends and Customer Perspectives Craig Maynard
    Director - Data Center, APJ
    Cisco Systems
    The Data Center landscape is changing rapidly. Customers want their Data Center to be cloud agnostic and yet at the same time deliver exactly the same performance, security and availability. Join us in this session to understand more about Cisco's Data Center strategy, vision and priorities to help you achieve these outcomes. We will share how customer have benefited with proven track records.
    1.30PM - 2.00PM Cisco ACI: Delivering Intent for Data Center Networking Joseph Yap
    ASEAN DC Switching Sales Lead
    Cisco Systems
    Cisco’s intent-based networking (with ACI) represents a fundamental shift away from the manual and time-intensive methods by which networks are traditionally managed. These intent-based networks capture and translate business intent into network policies, and activate them across the infrastructure. With the introduction of assurance capabilities, they can now continuously verify that the network is operating as intended.

    The Cisco Network Assurance Engine (CNAE) will enable always-on assurance in the data center network by combining mathematically accurate models of the network with more than 30 years of codified domain knowledge. It will help enable IT teams; predict the impact of changes, continuously verify network behaviour and assure security policy and compliance.

    Cisco is introducing powerful new assurance solutions that further demonstrate how intent-based networking systems move at the speed of digital business. Find out how we can help you achieve greater operations maturity, faster and simpler deployment.
    2.00PM - 2.30PM Next-Generation Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Support Any Application on Any Cloud at Any Scale Ong Poh Seng
    Datacenter Compute Solutions
    Cisco Systems
    Applications are at the heart of digital business transformation. The changing landscape demands support for both traditional, monolithic workloads as well as distributed microservice architectures. Learn how you can deploy all of your applications on Cisco Hyperflex - a hyperconverged infrastructure platform that's ready for any application, any cloud and at any scale.
    2.30PM - 3.00PM Secure Data Center: Building a Secure Zero-Trust Infrastructure Dave Robbins
    Regional Manager – APJ, Tetration Analytics
    Cisco Systems
    What is a Secure Data Center? What are the strategic and operational considerations for building a secure Data Center? Find how you can achieve a secure zero-trust infrastructure, with network security forensics and policy compliance capability.
    3.00PM - 3.20PM Break
    3.20PM - 3.50PM Gold Sponsor Presentation: Logicalis
    Build, Manage and Optimize your Multi Cloud Strategy
    Carlos Spera
    Cloud Business Development Director
    "Multi-cloud" describes an environment that relies on multiple clouds — such as OpenStack®, Microsoft® Azure® or AWS. For instance, you may be running a workload that requires large pools of storage and networking resources on a private cloud, such as OpenStack. At the same time, you may have a workload that needs to scale up or down quickly on a public cloud, such as Microsoft Azure or AWS. Each workload is running on the ideal cloud, but now you have the challenge to manage a Multi Cloud strategy. Join us to learn how to build, manage and optimize your Multi-Cloud Strategy.
    3.50PM - 4.20PM Journey to the Multi-Cloud: Strategic and Operational Considerations Timothy Chua
    Cloud and Data Center Automation Specialist
    Cisco Systems
    How can you easily deploy applications across Multi-Cloud (without learning each cloud provider’s APIs)? What are the strategic and operational considerations for Multi-Cloud? Can you make use of Artificial Intelligence to make sure all your workloads are optimized across Multi-Cloud? Join us in this session to learn the clear answers to your cloud questions.
    4.20PM - 4.50PM Cybersecurity Strategy: An Integrated Approach Denis Donnelly
    Cybersecurity Specialist
    Cisco Systems
    Cybersecurity is our top priority. From product development to operations to data protection, we are embedding security everywhere. Our investment across people, processes, technology, and processes is helping us build the new secure enterprise. Understand what this means for you and how we are assisting customers on this same journey including the latest developments in verifying the integrity of your Cisco infrastructure.
    4.50PM - 5.20PM Wrap up and close

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