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Cisco Connect 2019

Make security foundational

Our security strategy is focused on delivering an effective cybersecurity architecture combining network, cloud, and endpoint solutions. Through our industry-leading Cisco Talos offering, we intend to protect against and provide security across the entire attack continuum - before, during, and after a cyberattack - and to help customers shorten the time between threat detection and response.

Time Sessions Speakers Presentations Synopsis
1.00PM - 1.50PM Security and Visibility for the Modern Networks Ross Traynor,
Cybersecurity Specialist,

Eric Rennie,
Systems Engineer, Cybersecurity,
Download PDF Networks are ever more complex. As more users and devices are added to the network, it is harder to see what’s on the network, and it’s even harder to spot a threat.
This session shows you how you can get real-time situational awareness of all users, devices, and traffic on the network so you can effectively respond to threats.
1.50PM - 2.40PM Empowering Defenders with Cisco Threat Response Lewis Tan,
Cybersecurity Specialist, Cisco
Download PDF Security defenders are struggling with the orchestration of a mix of security products and that, by itself, may obfuscate rather than clarify the security landscape. Cisco Threat Response is the key pillar of our integrated security architecture, built to rapidly detect, investigate and remediate threats, thus empowering security analysts with effective weapons to defend their organizations.
In this demo, we will utilize an environment that models after many enterprise networks to show you how your own environments get compromised, how security breaches get detected, and how to respond with maximum effectiveness.
2.40PM - 3.10PM Creating A Safe And Secure Future Workplace Jayden Soh,
Solution Director,
JOS Singapore
  Security is no stranger with current threats and attacks being borderless and unpredictable. Mitigate risks and keep your business safe against malicious attacks with technology tools and solutions as you digitally transform to enable and empower your business. And this starts from within, by creating a safe and secure Future Workplace.
3.10PM - 3.40PM Multi-layered Security Approach to Stop New Waves of Day Zero Attacks Lim Tsu Pheng,
Chief Technology Officer,
Logicalis Asia
  Traditional reactionary anti-virus measures are no longer adequate for business. Increasingly, companies are taking a multi-layered approach to security, beginning at the network and finishing at the desktop, instead of simply relying on anti-virus software and firewalls. Advanced security at multiple points throughout the network is a necessity, and additional efforts must be made to protect against the two most substantial threats - day zero exploits and mobile workers.
3.40PM - 4.30PM From Chasing Alerts to Hunting Threats: What Makes an Effective SOC is Evolving Peter Baurichter Download PDF Whether you call it a SOC, a CSOC, a SIRC, a Cyber Defense Center, or something else, security operation centers have the same fundamental mission – to help organizations detect, analyze, respond to, report on, and prevent cyber security incidents. But what it takes to do that effectively has changed in this ever-evolving threat landscape and has put an even greater burden on analysts.

Most SOCs take a reactive approach - when an alert is triggered, they investigate. But today, SOCs must also take a automated and proactive approach, automating SOC tasks and engaging in investigation and threat-hunting, with the aim of breaking the cyber kill chain. Advances in technology, intelligence, and analytics used in concert are making this shift in approach possible, helping to focus limited available analyst effort to provide greater value.

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