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Virtual Cisco Connect ASEAN
IT's All You

The Cisco Connect Virtual Summit has now ended.
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Cisco Connect

Welcome message

Digital innovation and adoption are central pillars of ASEAN’s future growth.

To be better prepared for the opportunities and challenges ahead, and to tap into the region’s potential, businesses need to embrace digital transformation.

At Cisco, ensuring our customers’ success has always been our top priority. Join us for the ASEAN Cisco Connect Virtual Summit, a webcast that will give you exclusive content on the technology, topics, and business practices that are changing the way businesses communicate and collaborate.

Naveen Menon,
Cisco Systems,

Innovation sessions

Exclusive to Virtual Summit

Innovation Session with Distinguished Engineers and "What’s New for SMB"

Get exclusive insights into the latest IT solutions around reinventing the network, new way of working in the disruptive economy, driving intent in the data center for a multicloud world.
Explore the new possibilities with Cisco START, New portfolio for SMB!
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Sneak Peek into latest solutions from our partners

Watch the exclusive booth tour. Get acquainted with our partners’ offerings and see how they can help you achieve your business objectives.

Cisco Connect Great Prizes

Join the LIVE session and stand a chance to win Fitbits, Bluetooth speakers, GoPros and many more.
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Time Topic Description
9.25AM - 9.40AM (PH, SG, MY) / 8.25AM – 8.40AM (TH, ID, VN) Welcome & Opening
9.40AM - 10.20AM (PH, SG, MY) / 8.40AM – 9.20AM (TH, ID, VN) Cisco Architecture Keynote: Transforming Enterprise in a Multi-Cloud World In this session, we will share Cisco’s latest cloud-based innovations and first-hand experiences of our customers’ transformation journey with cloud, networking, security and next- generation workplace solutions
10.20AM - 10.50AM (PH, SG, MY) / 9.20AM – 9.50AM (TH, ID, VN) Strategic Sponsor Keynote: IT Transformation: Change and Transformation- An Inside Journey Business success now requires IT Transformation. Organizations can begin to transform their IT infrastructure by focusing on five key IT transformation principles. With their experience and understanding of the future of IT, Intel along with Cisco are unique partners that can help guide you on your transformation journey.
10.50AM - 11.10AM (PH, SG, MY) / 9.50AM – 10.10AM (TH, ID, VN) Latest solutions from Cisco & Partners Find out latest innovative solutions from Cisco’s sponsors and learn how you can benefit
11.10AM - 11.40AM (PH, SG, MY) / 10.10AM – 10.40AM (TH, ID, VN) Cisco Security Keynote: Changing the Security Equation Come discover how you can solve common security challenges to keep organizations safer and respond faster to threats. Also discover how automation, analytics and cloud-based intelligence provide a force multiplier effect for IT teams to boost productivity.
11.40AM - 12.00PM (PH, SG, MY) / 10.40AM – 11.00AM (TH, ID, VN) THE NETWORK. INTUITIVE: Introducing an entirely new era of networking Welcome to a new era of networking. Today, whether it be providing amazing shopping experiences, exceptional patient care, or immersive learning experiences, IT networks are the lifeblood of any businesses. Reality is that yesterday’s networking has been holding IT back from meeting new business demands. Find out new era of networking that is powered by intent and informed by context, with security embedded pervasively, and continuously learning and optimizing to meet the business outcomes.
12.00PM - 12.20PM (PH, SG, MY) / 11.00AM – 11.20AM (TH, ID, VN) From Transformation to Automation – innovations enabling the Workplace of the Future Flexible working and Activity Based Shared workspaces have become the norm for organisations undergoing workplace transformation, we are now seeing the next phase of transformation through workplace automation enabled by innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Interfaces, IoT/Smart devices and Connected Analytics.
12.20PM - 12.40PM (PH, SG, MY) / 11.20AM – 11.40AM (TH, ID, VN) Transform your business with Cisco Intent Based Data Center To adapt in today’s application driven businesses landscape, it is crucial to accelerate your multicloud journey with an intent based data center.
Cisco’s solutions will help you develop, deploy, and run business essential applications with speed and agility, while ensuring security and reliability.
12.40PM - 12.50PM (PH, SG, MY) / 11.40AM – 11.50AM (TH, ID, VN) Customer Success Stories: Innovation with Cisco From small to big, meet our customers who have interesting digital transformation stories to tell on how they’ve innovated their business.
12.50PM - 1.00PM (PH, SG, MY) / 11.50AM – 12.00PM (TH, ID, VN) What’s New for SMB: Cisco's Brand NEW START The business requirements of SMBs are not very different from large enterprise. They need to address Business Outcomes like increasing productivity, serving their customers better, and allowing employees to work from anywhere at any time. Cisco START is a brand specially customized for SMBs to address these needs with right set of product portfolio & services at the right price.
1.00PM - 1.20PM (PH, SG, MY) / 12.00PM – 12.20PM (TH, ID, VN) LIVE Booth Tour from Philippines: Innovation from Sponsors
1.20PM (PH, SG, MY) / 12.20PM (TH, ID, VN) Close

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