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Cisco Connect

The future of work

The way people work has changed. Join us as we envision what the future of work looks like

Time Topic Speaker Description
1.00PM - 1.30PM The Future of Workspace Technology Krishna Prasad Organisations are continually trying to define not just the office of the future but also transform their workforce experience. Activity based working and flexible working environments are terms that are becoming more popular to define the next generation workspace. With enhancements in collaboration, mobility and location services, users are no longer tied to a physical space, and therefore you can think differently about the workforce experience you provide
1.30PM - 2.00PM The New Way of Working - Brilliant Teams Femee Cruz The age of individual genius is being overtaken by teamwork. Success requires multiple experts at the table, but now more than ever, that table is virtual. As companies face irrelevance in today’s disruptive market, the tools to simplify and accelerate team productivity have been largely ineffective, until now. Join this session and we will share a vision for a new way of working that inspires teams to brilliance.
2.00PM - 2.30PM Platinum Sponsor Presentation: PLDT
The Culture of Collaboration and the Future of Work
Fay Ocampo Many people still work in traditional working environments with the same desks, computers and work habits that have always seemed to exist. Not for much longer. In the upcoming years, the workplace will evolve drastically as PLDT enables the future of work. The standard workplace and its rules, which masked the uniqueness of individuals in order to adapt to an organization’s needs, is moving to one that instead will adapt to the needs of individuals. In this movement, everyone wants to be included. Join this session and be part of this movement in establishing the culture of collaboration and creating a hybrid work space.
2.30PM - 3.00PM Platinum Sponsor Presentation: IR
Prognosis - Investment Protection; Insure your Return on Collaboration
Ben Green Prognosis - Investment Protection; Insure your Return on Collaboration
3.00PM - 3.20PM Break
3.20PM - 3.50PM Gold Sponsor Presentation: Shure

Improving User Experience & Productivity through Innovative Audio Technology in UC-based Collaboration Spaces
Jayme Quah,
Market Development Manager
Conferencing continues to evolve, increasingly moving towards software-based collaboration solutions. These offer cost savings and greater flexibility, but user experience can suffer if your audio hardware isn’t up to the job. Does your IT department speak AV? Join us in this session to learn about the most common audio issues, why they exist, and how IT leaders can use new technology to improve your platforms. Sharing a case study of PwC Australia, Shure will provide insights into new ways of working and how latest technologies can increase performance and enhance the collaboration experience for everyone.
3.50PM - 4.20PM Next-Generation Customer Care and the Connected Digital Experience Carl Agbay According to Gartner research, 89% of business leaders consider customer experience the “new battlefield” for competition. Gone are the days of “one-size-fits-all” contact centres. Customers expect faster responses, personalized service, and increased availability. They want service when and how they need it. Personalized care is now the rule, not the exception. Join this session to understand how your digital transformation initiatives can drive competitive differentiation through world class customer experience
4.20PM - 4.50PM Do More than Keep the Lights On- Direct OpEx to Innovation Jinjun Cai Today, 70% of IT budgets are spent on running the business. There is little to invest in growth and transformation. Cloud, big data, IoT are changing the competitive landscape. Organizations need to aggressively address these challenges with new strategies for compliance, automation, and data analytics. In this session, you will understand how Cisco simplifies complexity, improves security, continually optimizes IT, and accelerates transformation with Business Critical Services.
5.20PM - 5.40PM Wrap up and close

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