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Cisco Connect 2019

Harness the Power of the multicloud

Our cloud strategy is to deliver solutions designed to simplify, secure, and transform how customers work in this multicloud world to maximize business outcomes. We offer a solution for all cloud environments.

Time Sessions Speakers Synopsis
1.00PM - 1.50PM Connecting to the Multicloud Shankar Narayan Srikanta,
Technical Solutions Architect,
Cisco APJC
Businesses can choose to deploy applications across physical or diverse virtual workloads, especially with Cloud providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Learn how to
- simplify operations, enable on-demand resource allocation, and get consistent policing & automation without compromising performance; access a rich array of cloud-native public cloud services using Cisco ACI
- enable hybrid cloud by integrating public cloud software with ACI. Cisco ACI (on-premises) integrates with software designed by cloud providers, to orchestrate a consistent hybrid cloud experience that balances flexibility and control
- Collaborate in Open Source; work with public cloud providers to support open source management tools, with seamless deployment of applications across on premises and public cloud
1.50PM - 2.40PM Consuming the Multicloud Shankar Narayan Srikanta,
Technical Solutions Architect,
Cisco APJC
Many businesses need continuous integration and development in managing their application development life cycle. Learn how you can
- model traditional 3 tier/containerized applications regardless of the underlying cloud platform and yet have visibility & insights on the deployed workloads. Using Cisco Cloud Center, efficiently manage your workloads without compromising performance & compliance
- easily embark on the microservices journey, enabling easier operations with Cisco Container Platform
- get seamless integration of storage policies to present the underlying persistent storage using Cisco HyperFlex
2.40PM - 3.10PM Break
3.10PM - 3.40PM Managing Hybrid IT - Cloud Agnostic Approach Tong Ker Yang,
Regional Cloud Offering Lead,
Fujitsu Asia Pte. Ltd.
3.40PM - 4.30PM Monitoring and Protecting the Workload Duc Le,
Technical Solutions Architect,
Cisco APJC
Post deployment of applications are equally important: visibility on the workload, optimal deployment, performance guarantee and compliance. Learn how to address these Day 2 challenges in a multicloud environment:
- link workloads to business outcomes using AppDynamics. It collects data from the workload deployed, enabling performance monitoring and identification of performance bottlenecks
- get infrastructure level analytics, enabling full visibility and secure operations. View an instant dashboard on out-of-compliance traffic through Cisco Tetration
- reduce costs with accurate sizing; forecast capacity using Cisco Workload Monitor to instantly scale resources in response to changing demand & assure workload performance

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