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Agenda: Wednesday, 20 May 2020

You make possible

TIME Topic name Synopsis/Abstract Speaker
10:00-10:15 Welcome and Opening: Business continuity in the new normal In response to the global pandemic, businesses large and small have had to adapt very quickly to health and safety directives. The situation has forced many organizations to rethink the way their employees collaborate and operate, placing tremendous strain on IT infrastructure and policies. See what Cisco is doing to help. Albert Chai
Managing Director, Cisco Malaysia
10:15-10:35 From Crisis to Opportunity: Transforming businesses across ASEAN Companies across ASEAN are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic amid shut downs, travel bans and movement restrictions. Their immediate priorities have been about protecting their people and sustaining the business in the current environment. However, as we start to overcome the current situation, new opportunities will open up and technology will play an integral role in helping businesses recover, transform and boost their growth in the near future. Naveen Menon will share his insights on how we can work together to leverage these opportunities. Naveen Menon
President, Cisco ASEAN
10:35-10:40 Cisco Designed: Business continuity for growing businesses Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make up two-thirds of the global workforce and are responsible for 50% of the world's GDP. In this session, we discuss the unique challenges facing SMBs across ASEAN and introduce the "Cisco Designed" portfolio of products and solutions that are designed with simplicity and security in mind, tailored to the needs of SMBs Rashish Pandey
Senior Director, Marketing, Cisco APJC

Raz Mohamad
Director, Commercial and Small Business, Cisco ASEAN
10:40-10:55 Leverage Cisco business continuity solutions faster with Cisco Customer Experience (CX) Learn how Cisco Customer Experience can help you accelerate your move to improved business continuity with Cisco Business Continuity solutions. We are offering Ask the Expert (ATX) Webinars (for free) and special packaged offers that give you access to our experts and experience to help ramp up quickly and efficiently. Also hear about how Cisco is adapting internally to best support all our customers during these difficult times. Shashank Luthra
Director, Customer Experience
10:55-11:15 Strategic Partner (Intel) presentation Cisco and Intel have a long history of collaboration and innovation. One might even say that Cisco and Intel are joined at the chip! Hear our Strategic Partner, Intel, elaborate on the impact it's making in the constantly evolving technology landscape and how both companies are working together to help businesses grow and thrive. Vipul Shah
Regional Director, Intel
Asia Pacific
11:15-11:35 BREAK

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You make collaboration possible

TIME Topic name Synopsis/Abstract Speaker
11:35-11:55 Remote work is the new normal. So what's next? They used to say the future of work is remote, but that's now become the new normal for many around the world. As more organizations realize that employees can also be productive while working from home, business leaders should re-evaluate the productivity gains and real estate cost savings that can be had with a partial remote workforce. Workplace transformation is now more relevant than ever to optimize the real estate of the office and serve as a collaboration hub to support the needs of local and remote teams. Paul Pettersson
Regional Sales Manager, Cisco Collaboration
11:55-12:15 The Future of Work in action In this session, you'll experience a day in a life of a collaborative workflow with Webex. Also, you'll see a short demonstration of our latest Webex device - Desk Pro, designed for instant offices. Lastly, we'll give you a tour of our Singapore office virtually, and explain how we transformed the office to optimize space by blending the physical and virtual workplace. Cisco Collaboration team
12:15-12:35 Managing & securing remote teams Webex Control Hub is the place to manage your Webex users, subscriptions and endpoints. In this session, we will cover how you can use Webex Control Hub to manage licenses and user privileges, troubleshoot, as well as get analytics on quality, performance, and utilization so that you can make optimizations based on data. Ryan Kim
Cloud Collaboration Evangelist, ASEAN

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You make security possible

TIME Topic name Synopsis/Abstract Speaker
12:35-12:50 Managing & securing remote teams: the security imperative As you grow your business, your employees need secure access to their applications and critical resources, whether they reside in the cloud or on-premises behind perimeter security. In this session, you will learn how you can effectively enable your employees to safely connect to their network, and teammates from everywhere and on any devices.

Andy Burke, Systems Engineering Director, GSSO APJC


Pete Marceta, Cybersecurity Specialist, GSSO Singapore


Terence Tang
Systems Engineering Manager, ASEAN

12:50-13:05 Securing the enterprise in a Zero Trust world In today's modern work environment, where access happens everywhere, security is increasingly complex. More users, devices and clouds are moving outside the traditional network and as a result, a larger attack surface and more gaps in visibility - making an organization more susceptible to an attack.
In this session, we will share with you the importance of having a Zero Trust strategy and how you can protect your critical assets and secure access across your applications and environment, from any user, device, and location.

Wendy Ng, Cybersecurity Specialist, GSSO Singapore


Perry Mock, Technical Solutions Architect, Cybersecurity, GSSO ASEAN

13:05-13:30 Introducing SecureX - simplified and integrated security SecureX connects the breadth of Cisco's integrated security portfolio and your entire security infrastructure for a consistent experience that unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens your security across network, endpoint, cloud, and applications. The result is simplified security, built into the solutions you already have. Don't miss this session where we show you SecureX in action. Timothy Snow
Technical Solutions Architect, Cybersecurity, GSSO APJC
13:30-13:35 Protecting what's now and what's next With unrivalled threat intelligence and an industry-leading zero trust approach, Cisco helps you attain effective security to face tomorrow's evolving threats. Kerry Singleton
Director, Cybersecurity APJC

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You make networking possible

TIME Topic name Synopsis/Abstract Speaker
13:35-13:55 Cisco SD-WAN: Redeploying virtual & micro offices

The road to normalcy is going to be long. Nobody can predict when COVID-19 will end. Organisations today need to keep pace by redeploying their workforce to meet the demands and guidelines imposed by governments around the world. As network loads shift, balancing the need to deliver good application experience and security has also become a constant hurdle for most IT teams.

In this session, discover how virtual or micro offices can be redeployed simply and securely using Cisco SD-WAN. Whether it is working remotely or in smaller teams, Cisco SD-WAN is ready to serve your business needs beyond the pandemic.

Danny Smolders
Regional Sales Manager
13:55-14:15 Adapting to the new normal with Cisco DNA Center

Working remotely has become a new norm for many. For most IT teams, it represents a significant change in the way they operate. As organisations implement their business continuity plans, IT teams need to establish full visibility and control by ensuring the health of every network device and client on their network in real-time and remotely.

In this session, explore how Cisco DNA Center can help IT teams quickly respond to the demands of their business using actionable insights and visibility in real-time, with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Now is the time to take a software-defined approach to automating and assuring services across your entire network.

Sanjay Kumar Kundnani
Product Sales Specialist
14:15-14:35 Extending remote network access with Cisco Wireless

Never in recent memory has IT around the world needed to address a crisis in such a short time. But what if it were possible to extend equipment you already own to fulfil remote teleworker needs?

In this session, discover how Cisco wireless access points can function as OfficeExtend access points (OEAPs) so employees working from home can access the corporate network securely without needing a VPN connection or technical knowledge.

Tjie Seng Njauw
Technical Solutions Architect
14:35-14:55 Easy, complete home office visibility and security with Cisco Meraki Your home office doesn't have to come with compromises. We'll show you how to gain complete visibility into your WAN, LAN and Wireless traffic with just a few clicks. You'll also learn how to lock down and deny non-essential traffic, while prioritizing corporate documents, voice and video conferencing. Humphrey Cheung
Technical Solutions Architect

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You make multicloud possible

TIME Topic name Synopsis/Abstract Speaker
14:55-15:35 Building the multicloud infrastructure that enables business continuity & disaster recovery In today’s multicloud environment, we need a robust infrastructure to support requirements for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery. This session will cover key aspects in enabling workload mobility, addressing challenges in providing consistent infrastructure policies, application SLAs and governance across the multicloud environment. With the right technology, one can easily leverage the multicloud to design and operate better infrastructure, thereby reducing Capex/Opex, improve performance, and tighten security governance. Kwai Seng Lai
Technical Solutions Architect

Shankar Narayan Srikantar
Technical Solutions Architect
15:35-15:55 Managing the application experience for business continuity This session will unpack and demo the tools & solutions that monitor application performance, optimize infrastructure resource management and provide visibility to the entire end-to-end application stack. Get the cutting edge to be ahead of the business curve by thinking about architecting future on-prem and cloud applications. Chris Alviar
Technical Solutions Architect
15:55-16:00 The way forward After almost a day of technology updates, we review the key highlights, resources and not-to-be-missed offers that are designed to help businesses address current and future challenges. Rashish Pandey
Senior Director, Marketing, Cisco APJC

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