HDFC Bank was incorporated in August 1994 and commenced operations as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in January 1995. Today it is the second largest private sector bank in the country end boasts of an enviable customer base and corporate profile. Its business model has been widely acknowledged for the inherent focus on four core values-customers, operational excellence, product leadership and people. Over the years, the bank has grown through a steady evolution and granular planning which has allowed it to scale up to Its current heights.

The challenges

HDFC Bank, since its inception, aimed at becoming a world class Indian bank. The senior management of the bank was determined to set benchmarks of service quality and operational efficiency for the world to follow. Given this vision, scaling up to 2564 branches in 1416 cities and serving a customer base of over 25 million like it does today, was certainly a daunting task. Right from integrating its branches through a core banking solution to augmenting the efficiency of its large workforce, the bank required seamless integration of various communication solutions across the board. Emergence of alternate channels of Interaction with the customer like mobile banking, internet. ATMs. etc. posed a challenge for the bank as it began to establish its dominance in the Indian market.

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