Network Administration

Product Overview

Network administration products from Cisco provide a broad range of management tools that can improve productivity, user satisfaction, and time savings.

Product Overview

The Cisco network administration portfolio offers a broad range of technologies to fulfill a variety of needs. Cisco network administration products can help you:

  • Increase business and network resources
  • Save network administration time
  • Improve business productivity
  • Increase user satisfaction

Unified Communications Management

Networks that deliver data, voice, video, and multimedia applications require unified, system-level network administration. The wide range of products in the Cisco Unified Communications portfolio provides flexibility for applications, collaboration, call control and messaging, and IP communications.

TelePresence Network Management

Cisco TelePresence integrates advanced audio, high-definition video, and interactive elements with the power of the underlying network to deliver an immersive, face-to-face collaboration experience. TelePresence network administration is essential to the TelePresence experience.

Performance Assurance

With Cisco network administration products, network administration personnel can effectively manage network resources, plan for changes in resource usage, and resolve problems before they affect users. Quick access to configuration menus and easy-to-read reports on data, voice, and video traffic allow network operators to monitor trends, plan capacity, and optimize performance.

Routing and Switching Management

Cisco network administration products support more than 400 types of Cisco devices through detailed reporting, monitoring, and configuration. These products can save network administration time and effort, offering improved inventory and configuration management, rapid software deployment, and simplified troubleshooting.

Identity Management

Security breaches and uncontrolled user access are a primary concern for businesses. Cisco network administration products provide identity management features to protect systems and information through internal trust and identity policies, access control, and compliance features. Using these network administration products, companies can enhance security and protect profits and assets.

Small and Medium Business Network Management

These network administration products are designed to overcome the challenges small and medium-sized businesses face. They can help maximize existing resources, maintain efficiency in the face of competitive pressure, gain a return on investment, and manage rapid growth and changes.

Video, Cable, and Content Delivery Management

Designed to be ready for advanced applications, Cisco network administration products help ensure high performance and availability, leading to greater subscriber satisfaction. With Cisco network administration products, subscribers can access next-generation services such as IP telephony, video on demand, and interactive gaming.


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