IT Security

Reduce Risk, Costs, and Administration

IT security solutions can help organizations safeguard critical assets, meet compliance requirements, and protect profitability and viability.

IT Security

For IT security, Cisco offers a variety of solutions that provide advanced visibility and control. A Cisco Self-Defending Network provides IT security that enforces business policies and protects critical assets, and can help your organization:

  • Minimize IT security risks
  • Reduce compliance risks
  • Lessen IT administrative burden
  • Lower total cost of ownership

A Cisco Self-Defending Network offers IT security to:

  • Help ensure compliance with security regulations
  • Protect against data leakage
  • Defend against botnets

How Does an IT Security Solution Work?

An IT security solution continuously monitors and tests an organization’s network and IT security environment to detect changes that could compromise IT security compliance. IT security monitoring looks for unauthorized firewall configuration changes, firewall policy violations, and network penetration attempts. The IT security solution then maps responses to the appropriate business processes and controls. As a result, IT security risk is reduced, both within the enterprise and in the extended enterprise beyond its borders.

What Problems Does IT Security Solve?

Enterprises often have only seconds to respond to critical business events, such as breaches of time-based business commitments, compromises of data privacy, or threats to security. These events-missed deadlines, hacked emails, stolen account numbers, violations of policy controls-can occur within the enterprise and to outside customers, partners, contractors, and vendors. Such events can have a negative impact on a company’s profitability-or even on its very viability.

The Business Benefits of an IT Solution

Enterprises that deploy an IT solution reap immediate benefits. They gain the ability to centrally control and protect the IT infrastructure across the extended enterprise, as well as the ability to respond instantly and flexibly. This combination of network awareness, centralized control, and instantaneous responsiveness leads directly to reduced business risk across the extended enterprise. The result is a much more complete and dependable defense against costly breaches of security policy and negation of compliance controls.


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