Cisco UCS Invicta: Integrated Flash

Why wait for the future? Unlock the potential of your applications and create new business opportunities today with UCS Invicta Series Solid State Systems, integrated with the Intel® Xeon® processor-based Cisco UCS solution. Take advantage of the power of flash technology. See how it can help accelerate IT, eliminate data center bottlenecks, and deliver the peak application performance and predictability your users demand.

Speed Up Applications in a Flash

Confidently deploy flash memory technology to deliver peak workload performance. See the benefits of application acceleration with UCS Invicta.

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Improve Speed and Performance

Improve Speed and Performance

Each time business shifts into a higher gear, the pressure on IT delivery intensifies. This creates a relentless pursuit of operation speed and application performance. Cisco has answered this need by integrating scalable, solid state memory systems into Cisco UCS. Watch as a panel of experts provides perspectives on accelerating fabric-based applications.

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Respond in Real Time

Respond in Real Time

Big data is transforming the way businesses operate and make time-critical decisions. But companies struggle to use the information derived from big data in meaningful ways without a high-performance database infrastructure. Find out how scalable pools of Flash memory can accelerate database operations, so businesses can make decisions in real time.

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Boost Your Competitive Edge

Boost Your Competitive Edge

Solid state memory accelerates applications. This helps organizations quickly define and redefine infrastructure and capitalize on opportunities. Learn how such changes in the data center can transform business and create a substantial competitive advantage.

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Harness the power of flash technology and accelerate your applications.

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