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The Cisco Partner News
17 November 2015
The Cisco Partner News
Fast-Track Your Sales Act Now! VIP 26 Enrollment Ends 11/20!
Xcelerate Your Buisness with Rewards Sell Mobility Express in 10! Grow Profits with Smart Services
Reap Sales Rewards with an Extra 10% Get Ready to Go with SNTC Reap Sales Rewards with an Extra 10%
Plant New Opportunities with SeedIT
Deep Dive with On the Air Webcasts in December
October Poll Results
Get Help with Cloud Conversations
Must Read: Essential News
Create a Cloud of Collaboration
Further the ways of collaboration through the cloud with both a global and local webcasts. Discover how Cisco is extending further into the cloud with more hybrid and endpoints for customers.
Software Defined Networking Simplified
Global IoT Solutions Centre

Expand Your Security Annuities Business
Ensure critical security software is renewed in a timely manner and increase your profits with the new SIRP promotion. Protect your original investment streams and receive extra discounts.
Be a Hero from Your Desktop
AMP: Visibility & Control

Call on the PDI Technical Advisors
We know that with power comes great responsibility, that's why we're now offering support for ACI solutions so you can plan, design, and implement with ease.
Cisco Acquires Pawaa Software
Engage Your Customers
New! Updated SmartPlay SKUs for SmartPlay Select
Cisco Partner Talent

Certifications & Specializations

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