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The Cisco Partner News
8 December 2015
The Cisco Partner News
Why Choose Cisco for Security? Get Your Personal Consultation
Security Marketing Course APJ PIW: Cisco All-In-One Branch
Everything You Need with Security Navigator 45 days Free with FirePOWER
Defend Against Breaches
Win New Business with ASA with FirePOWER
November Poll Results
New Global Strategy for Delhi-Mumbai
December Poll December Poll
December Poll December Poll
December Poll December Poll
Must Read: Essential News
NEW! Cisco Network Buyer Campaign
Turn disruption into opportunity with this new campaign. Modernise the network with a decreased time to market. Accelerate sales, boost profitability, and create new opportunities.
Get up to 25% off Cisco IOT Solutions Bundles
Affordable 10G Switching

Services Price Change Announcement
Periodically Cisco reviews pricing on the complete line of services and products. This month we are implementing a price change on the ISV1 Application for Vmware v6 vCenter.
Case Study: Defense Against Threats
Connected Mass Transit

Get up to $100K with Collaboration Adoption
Now get up to $100,000 on qualified deals with the Collaboration Adoption Incentive. Build up your lifecycle practice and help create demand for adoption services.
Lock Services in for the Long-Term
Industry Digital Solutions
What's New with Partner Marketing Central
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