India’s Wireless Boom

Learn how network edge innovations can help you transition to a ready network and maintain your competitive edge.

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India’s Wireless Boom

Technology innovation has emerged as the primary game-changer for businesses, industries, and markets – in fact, for lives. At the heart of this transformation is a host of new technologies that are disrupting the old ways of doing business. In India, Digital transformation is largely driven by the presence of 460 million internet users, making it the world’s second largest internet user base. Moreover, the phenomenal growth in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) is further expected to create a Wireless boom in the country by 2020, throwing open a promising landscape of opportunities for businesses to explore. Future-oriented organizations looking to maintain their competitive edge and make their transition to a digital-ready network smooth, must embrace network edge innovations. This would enable them to thrive in India’s new Wireless era, and rev up the pace of their Digital transformation journey.