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Our world is forever changed. As we work through challenges during this unprecedented time, it is innovation, power of IT, and human resilience that continue to show us that possibilities are endless. At Cisco, we are focused on creating solutions that enable you to think about the world differently, be resilient and make a lasting impact. 

Watch these on-demand session from our first ever virtual Cisco Connect! Our technology leaders, customers, partners, and your peers have shared their vision for the future. You will hear about Cisco’s latest innovations that are shaping the industry and our new world.

Let’s explore possibilities and build a more inclusive future together.

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Watch all the virtual sessions from Cisco Connect for free by clicking on the session title below. 

Main sessions

  Session Synopsis Speaker
Welcome Address   Sameer Garde
President, Cisco India and SAARC
Opening keynote: Possibilities Our world is forever changed. As we work through challenges during this unprecedented time, it is innovation, power of IT, collective efforts of our partners and teams to stay resilient that show us that possibilities are endless. At Cisco, we are focused on creating solutions that enable you to think about the world differently and be resilient 
Miyuki Suzuki
President, Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China Cisco
Industry keynote:  Leveraging new opportunities to accelerate industry growth   Every industry is going through phenomenal change and facing tough challenges. But, the businesses that identify opportunities in these difficult times will thrive. And technology is the differentiator that will allow companies to adapt and evolve.

Sameer Garde
President, Cisco India and SAARC & External Speaker

Pramod Bhasin
Chairman, ICRIER
Founder, Genpact Ltd
Chairman, Clix Capital

Technical keynote: Building the resilient enterprise for now and the future  The pandemic is a defining moment. Organizations that react and adapt quickly will be the winners of the next decade. Cisco helps organizations respond, retool, and re-imagine business. Our resilient enterprise capabilities, principles, policies, and operating models are being leveraged extensively and are trusted by leading public and private organizations across the region.

Vish Iyer
Vice President, Cisco Architectures, APJC

Anand Patil
Director, Systems Engineering Sales – Cisco India
Mohit Girotra
Senior Vice President, Tehnology Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Leader, Genpact
Dharmendra Rangain
Chief Information Officer India & SAARC Region, Cisco Systems, India
Arjun Shilkar
Director, Customer Experience, Cisco India and SAARC

Huddle up: Customer Centricity   Sameer Garde
President, Cisco India and SAARC
Anand Deshpande
Founder and Chairman of Persistent Systems
Cisco Digital Transformation Awards

Digital transformation has always been a key strategic initiative. In the current landscape it has gained even more importance. Implementing ground breaking digital transformation projects are, therefore, increasingly becoming critical for businesses to stay in the race.

To acknowledge, highlight, and felicitate IT projects that have made a significant contribution to the acceleration of digital transformation, Cisco in association with ET is hosting the 'Digital Transformation Awards.'

Anil Nair
Managing Director, Country Digitization (APJC) at Cisco Systems
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Industry breakouts

  Session Synopsis Speaker
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IT/ITES: IT Transformation: Enabling business Agility In order to respond to today’s ever-changing business landscape, IT organizations need to consider multiple different architectures that not only seamlessly fit-in but also deliver better and more efficient results. In this session, we will discuss how Cisco is continuously leading this change to help organisations evolve during and after the pandemic, by making way for cloud-ready and borderless infrastructure.

Devang Shah
Hemant Krishna
Aruna Verma, CX
Kunal Kaul (Moderator)
Vishwas Joshi
Ashok Kumar
Ashu Kakkar



Industrial Solution: Journey towards a secure industrial network Industrial network security can be implemented in a phased approach with reduced complexity and a simple package. Extend the IT security operation onto the industrial network with foundation security architecture. Provide critical operations context and relevance to enable IT SecOps to effectively provide security cover for the industrial space, without hampering or impeding industrial operations. Gain OT & IT mindshare with a simple and clear workflow. Manas Mehrotra
Amitava Guha Thakurta
Vikram Sharma
Fabien Maisl
Rahul Kene
BFSI: Prioritizing "Cyber Resilience" and "AI augmented Operating Model" strategiesfor Banking & Financial Services Industry While going digital is not new to the BFSI industry, the current business landscape has significantly accelerated the adoption of digital technologies, with far-reaching implications for the future. The need of the hour is to understand the cyber landscape, emerging threats and trends in financial services. This session will focus on cyber resilience strategy and value of AI powered multi-domain infrastructure in data operations. Mathew Varghese
Sameer Mishra, CX
Amol Pai
Shiva Kumar Y 
Shiv Kumar Bhasin
Healthcare: The New healthcare paradigm Patient health and well-being, and the ability to deliver secure virtual care is no longer a luxury--it's a necessity. We're at an unprecedented crossroads in healthcare in which new technologies are being adopted at a rapid pace.Optimizing the clinical experience, scaling virtual consultations and empowering healthcare staff to deliver care remotely is now critical to help save lives.

One of the most remarkable impacts of the pandemic has been the speed with which it accelerated Telehealth as a mainstream channel for clinical consultations. Learn how Telehealth is changing the way of delivering Virtual care and monitoring patients in ICU's remotely through Cisco's Secure Telehealth Technologies.
Vijay Madiraju
Anil Nair (Moderator)
Harsha Muroor 
Chhitiz Kumar 
Kumar KV 
Public sector: Enabling Digital Transformation in Government and Public Sector  The Public Sector is facing unprecedented challenges today. While there was the existing pressure to improve infrastructure, the COVID pandemic has also added the need to plan for business continuity for all citizen services, utilities, education and healthcare in times of crisis. Governments are now exploring how to evolve and transform, while working remotely in a secured manner.

This session will provide a glimpse on how Cisco has been enabling Central and State agencies with the adoption of next-gen solutions to deliver effective, secure and connected public services at reduced costs while maximising the usage of the existing resources.
Ashish Wattal
Ravi Koulagi
Ramesh Ramnath, CX
Daisy Chittilapilly (Moderator)
Navpreet Singh
Dr. Faruk Kazi 
Dr. S. Sacchidanand
Cisco Global Service Provider: Unlocking 5G for Enterprise Service providers are at the center of the move to 5G, working to deliver network services. The relationship between industries and service providers will change as industries rely on providers for more applications, features, and services.

5G will play a significant role in revolutionizing the industries - manufacturing, mining, healthcare and technology advancements in autonomous driving and connected cars, Industry 4.0, Smart cities, AR/VR. Service providers can commit to new business models, cost models, and service levels.
Rohit Kaw
Sandeep Gupta
Vinay Khargaonkar
Brian Roche
Harsha Ram
Bob Everson
Soman Venugopal, CX
DevNet as a differentiator The unprecedented demands on the network today with the sheer volume of devices and apps coming online every second are good enough to challenge our current network operations. Customers are demanding to automate workloads and deliver new capabilities. Cisco DevNet helps us to achieve and accelerate this required innovation, by providing open network APIs. DevNet is bringing big shifts in technology by helping us create new solutions on top of Cisco's open and extensible platforms. Now, customers and partners can build a new generation of network-aware applications and integrate the network into business processes. India DevNet community is working on creating these innovative solutions every day, to solve our customer challenges. We would like to share with you what our community is all about, some great DevNet use cases, and also hear from our external community members on the success of DevNet. Parul Sharma (Moderator)
Steven Abraham
Jeff Wang
Maulik Yagnik
Cisco Services : Delivering an Automated, Secure & Cloud enabled Digital Enterprise   Pankaj Lulla
Ramesh Ramnath
Anurag Bahadur
Jay Shivaram
Aruna Verma
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Technical deep dives

  Session Synopsis Speaker
Intend Based Networking

A match made in the cloud: SD-WAN 
Cisco Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN), a part of our resilient distributed infrastructure, is a cloud-delivered overlay WAN architecture connecting branches to datacentre and multicloud environments through a single fabric. Join us for an insightful session to discover the advantages of Cisco SD-WAN, SAAS and newly launched Cisco Catalyst 8000.

Reimagine and redesign your workplaces with Cisco DNA Spaces
Join us for an insightful session to understand how Cisco can help you re-open offices, bring people back to the workplace securely, optimize communication and collaboration, and improve the new workplace over time.

Raghavan Kasturirangan (Moderator)
Subhash Kumar Mishra
Pragya Agarwal






Avinash Salian (Moderator)
Mohana Krishnan M.D

AppDynamics: AIOps for the modern enterprise

The Cisco AppDynamics Central Nervous System Platform delivers deep, cross-domain visibility with AI-powered insights and automation enabling businesses to take the right action, at exactly the right time. Join us as we take you on this AIOps discovery journey.

  • Overview of AIOPs Platform from Cisco AppDynamics
  • Demo based interactive session on key use cases
  • Customer testimonials and insights
Abhilash Purushothaman
Neeraj Kumar
Rudresh Bhatt
Future of Work: New Webex AI Innovations for Hybrid Workplace

Collaboration that integrates relationship intelligence and people insights, artificial intelligence, and business processes can result in better teamwork and proactive customer journeys. Join Cisco’s Collaboration experts as they talk about, and demonstrate how our technology is transforming the virtual meeting experience.

  • New way of working with AI enabled collaboration solutions
  • Experience the new Webex Meetings 40.9
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction with Webex Experience Management
Pankaj Agrawal
Vaibhav Pant
Shibani Maria Philip
Suchithra Sagar
Prasana Kumar Parthasarathy
Remote datacenter today and tomorrow Today, data exists and is connected across multiple data centers, the edge, and public and private clouds. The data center must be able to communicate across these multiple sites, both on-premises and in the cloud. Let’s talk about the modern data center and its evolution in this expert session.
Harsh Vaishnav (Moderator)
Sudhakar Rao
Priyanka Vora
Ravinder Pal Singh
Rohit Shukla
Simplify to secure Learn how Cisco Security simplifies your experience, accelerates your success and secures your future with an integrated portfolio and industry-leading threat intelligence. Cover every threat vector and access point with Cisco SecureX, the broadest, most integrated security platform. Provide more secure access, protect against gaps in visibility, and reduce your attack surface with Cisco Zero Trust.

Vishak Raman
Ashraf Ali
Anubhav Wahie (Moderator)
Sreenivas Pamidimukkala

Designed for Change: How the Cloud-first Meraki Platform Enables You to Thrive

Aligning IT and business needs faster is critical as customer demands have changed. You can operate leaner, scale rapidly and serve customers better with the cloud-first Meraki Platform. It serves over 2M customer networks with 4 nines of cloud uptime. Offering proven integration across the broadest range of networks, apps and devices the Meraki solution is easily customisable to your IT needs.

Jasen Fauteux
Madhan Kumar 
Bhushan Bhatt  (Moderator)
Renin Williams Meprath

Cisco Capital : Making the most out of IT investments in Pandemic times

It is typical to postpone critical IT investments when there is a disruption in the economy. The right strategy is to focus more on how to make the most out of the IT investment by integrating financial instruments in the process of procurement which would enable bring the right cost benefit mix without impairing cash flows. The session would cover the various financial instruments that could help customer adopt the latest technology without causing cash flow disruptions. Surag Menon

Inside Cisco IT : Redefining Skills for IT Modernization

Are you challenged with reskilling your Infra Teams ? Business requirements are changing very fast and so is the Technology landscape. To deliver agile IT services, it is imperative to transform the Infra team as well. Most of the newer generation of solutions come with open APIs. Within Cisco IT, we are driving to Software Defined Everything (SDx). This allows IT Infra team to respond quickly to the demands of our users and fully realize the value of technology investment. This is a journey many of our peers are also going through. In this panel discussion with Cisco IT, Cisco's Customers and Partner, you will hear what was their driver, what challenges they faced and some results because of this transformation Nagarajan R
Kiran Tunuguntla
Hemant Chadha
Ishan Mehta
Paul Jose

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