• Event Date:15th - 16th April 2021
  • Location:Virtual (Webex)
  • Duration:Day 1 (10am – 4pm)
    Day 2 (9:45am – 4pm)
  • Attendance: Online

Cisco India & SAARC Partner Confluence 2021 Digital

Become Future Ready

Never before have we faced so much uncertainly and change, as we have in the last one year! Customers’ needs are evolving rapidly given the dynamic market scenario, and so is their way of working. There is growing adoption of cloud, automation, and security, as businesses look to prepare for the future.

Our theme ‘Future Ready’ reflects how we, along with you – our partners, have always helped our customers stay relevant in the ever-changing technology landscape. At CIPC 2021, Cisco's leadership team will address how partners can help their customers better adapt to business disruptions, accelerate their digital journey and cloud adoption, and transform their operating model with automated platforms. You will gain the business and technology insights you need to perform and transform – now and in the future.

This year’s digital format enables us to expand our program to all registered Cisco partners and still offer the executive insights, rich content and special guests that are the hallmarks of our premiere partner event. All with the goal of helping you succeed and ensuring your continued growth and profitability.

Watch all sessions

Watch all the virtual sessions by clicking on the Watch video below.

Day 1, 15th April 2021, Thursday

Session Time Session Synopsis Speaker
Welcome Address  An introduction to Cisco India and SAARC Partner Confluence 2021, outlining what our partners can expect to hear, and learn from the sessions that will follow. Setting the context for the event, and touching upon the theme of ‘Future Ready’.  Pankaj Lulla, Managing Director, Partner Organization, Cisco India and SAARC
Innovating for a New World Recent times have called for a paradigm shift in technological trends. Join Cisco’s Executive Leaders to learn more about our company strategy focused on an inclusive future and hear how we are shaping our business to drive customer and partner success.  Dave West, President, Cisco APJC
Vicki Batka, Vice President, Partner Organization, Cisco APJC
Hosted by Pankaj Lulla
Keynote: Coming Together to Win A dynamic market and unpredictable headwinds mean agility and relevancy, combined with Cisco’s commitment to the channel, are critical now, more than ever. In this session you will learn what you should be prioritizing as you look to the future and how can Cisco help position you for success – so you can always be ready to react to future challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that come our way. Sameer Garde, President & Country Head, Cisco India and SAARC
Technical Keynote: Transformational Technology Trends Digital transformation has seen tremendous acceleration in the last 8 months. What does 2021 hold for technology?  Hear from our experts how they see technology transforming, and what are the trends to look out for in the coming year.  Vish Iyer, Vice President, Architectures, Cisco APJC 
Anand Patil, Director, Systems Engineering Sales, Cisco India and SAARC
Growth, in the Times of Crisis Navigating a business in the times of crisis, and ensuring growth is a tough task. But some businesses have not just done that, but also found opportunities to create a strategic path during these tough times. Hear all about Quatrro's success story. Raman Roy, Chairman & Founder, Quatrro
Pace Awards: Celebrating Partners That Have Enabled Exceptional Digital Transformation for Customers A celebration of our top partners who have driven digital transformation for customers in challenging times. Join us as we recognize winners and talk about some amazing achievements.  
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Day 2, 16th April 2021, Friday

Session Time Session Synopsis Speaker
Welcome Address An overview of what the day holds -  informative insights on technological trends relevant to current times, and the need to be future-ready.The technical sessions are a deep dive into Cisco's latest solutions, how they work, and how you can position them to customers. Pankaj Lulla, Managing Director, Partner Organization, Cisco India and SAARC
Fireside Chat: Future Ready with Cisco CX & Services for Profitable Growth Today’s emerging trends and unprecedented demands, require accelerating digitization to drive business outcomes that our customers expect. With Cisco’s engagement model pivoting to the Lifecycle motion across use cases, technology and business verticals, we continue to simplify and execute transformation in our portfolio to deliver value for our partners every step of the way. Join us to know more about CX and Services offers & opportunities, and how we can support you in this collaborative journey to deliver extraordinary experiences together. Sandeep Arora, Country Head & Managing Director, Customer Experience, Cisco India and SAARC 
Daisy Chittilapilly, Managing Director, Services & Software Sales, Digital Transformation Office, Cisco India and SAARC
Hosted by Pankaj Lulla
Face the Race Today businesses are looking to accelerate recovery, and this presents massive opportunity for our partners. How can you tap into this, and leverage the right technology to enable customers to bounce back post-pandemic. This session tells you all you need to know. Sudhir Nayar, Managing Director, Commercial Sales, Cisco India and SAARC
Kunal Kaul, Director, Enterprise Sales, Cisco India & SAARC
Panish PK, Managing Director, Small Business, Cisco India and SAARC
Ashish Wattal, Director Public Sector Sales, India and SAARC
Hosted by Prabhjeet Singh
Director Marketing, Cisco India and SAARC
Innovation Talks: A Session by our Architecture Leaders Innovations across Cisco architectures that are designed for the new world. Technology solutions that customers need, to thrive in an uncertain business climate, and how you should make the pitch. Learn about the latest innovations across our architectures.  Pankaj Agrawal, Director, Collaboration, Cisco India and SAARC
Vishak Raman, Director, Security Business, Cisco India & SAARC
Trideeb Roy, Director Sales and Country head, CISG, Cisco India and SAARC
Ritesh Doshi, Director Regional Sales, Enterprise Networking, Cisco India and SAARC
Jasen Fauteux, Regional Sales Director for Cisco Meraki APAC
Hosted by Anand Patil
Director, Systems, Engineering Sales, Cisco India and SAARC
Leveraging the New Normal with Citrix Learn about the collaboration between Cisco and Citrix and the unique solutions that you can take to the tech marketplace. Understand in-depth how you can leverage this in the new normal.  Ravindra Kelkar, Country Manager, Citrix India
NetApp & Cisco: A Partnership of Innovation Technology innovation means constant change. Data centers needs to be built on a platform that has proven performance, agility, and value in order to respond to shifting business demands. Together, NetApp & Cisco have reimagined converged infrastructure with four FlexPod builds that can keep pace with the evolution of IT and enable enterprises to build a solid foundation for the future. Ganesan Arumugam, Director Channels & Alliances, NetApp India & SAARC
Imagine Tomorrow In a world of increasing complexities and stress, how do you  simplify everything around you. Happiness is a constant state of mind; crisis is nothing but an opportunity to do something better than you planned. Join us for this inspirational session. Gaur Gopal Das, Motivational Speaker & Life Style Coach
Closing & Key Takeaways The future is ours and with this strong partnership, we are creating the blueprint of tomorrow. There are targets and goals which we will achieve together and empower our customers to achieve theirs. Pankaj Lulla, Managing Director, Partner Organization, Cisco India and SAARC
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World of Solutions will be live on 15th & 16th April, 2021

Experience the World of Solutions at Cisco India & SAARC Partner Confluence 2021

The World of Solutions is a one-of-a-kind experience, showcasing an array of products and solutions from Cisco. This is your chance to equip yourselves to gear up for the new normal and become Future Ready. Explore our latest innovations from Cisco to reframe, reshape and reset business priorities.

Don’t miss out on this experience

  • Cisco showcasing its latest products and solutions
  • Experience live demos, of the latest products
  • Discover innovation at its best in this fun and interactive hub
  • Get one-on-one support from the experts

The World of Solutions Showcase

Watch all the virtual sessions by clicking on the session title below

Secure Data

Reimagine Applications

  • Nexus Dashboard Demo
  • Cisco App Modernization Platform

Industry Solutions

End to End Visibility & Application Experience

Meet the Speakers

Dave West
Cisco APJC


Vicki Batka
Vice President, Partner
Cisco APJC

Vish Iyer
Vice President, Architectures
Cisco APJC

Sameer Garde
President & Country Head
Cisco India and SAARC

Pankaj Lulla
Managing Director, Partner Organization
Cisco India and SAARC

Raman Roy
Chairman & Managing Director

Ravindra Kelkar
Country Manager,
Citrix India

Gaur Gopal Das
Motivational Speaker & Life Style Coach

Ganesan Arumugam
Director – Channels & Alliances
NetApp India & SAARC

Sandeep Arora
Country Head & MD, Customer Experience
Cisco India and SAARC

Daisy Chittilapilly
Managing Director,
Services & Software Sales,
Digital Transformation Office,
Cisco India and SAARC

Sudhir Nayar
Managing Director,
Commercial Sales
Cisco India and SAARC

Panish PK
Managing Director,
Small Business
Cisco India and SAARC

Anand Patil
Director, Systems
Engineering Sales
Cisco India and SAARC

Ashish Wattal
Director Public Sector Sales
India and SAARC

Kunal Kaul
Director, Enterprise Sales
Cisco India & SAARC

Pankaj Agrawal
Director, Collaboration
Cisco India and SAARC

Prabhjeet Singh
Director Marketing
Cisco India and SAARC

Ritesh Doshi
Director Regional Sales,
Enterprise Networking
Cisco India and SAARC

Jasen Fauteux
Regional Sales Director for
Cisco Meraki APAC

Trideeb Roy
Director Sales and Country head Cloud Infrastructure & Software Group Cisco India & SAARC

Vishak Raman
Director, Security Business
Cisco India & SAARC

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