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Indian cities are getting smarter

We’re seeing a global transformation to a digital world. Cities getting smart is part of that unstoppable global digital transformation. A Smart City is a digital response to massive urbanization and urban migration.

Government of India’s Smart Cities Mission

Smart Cities Mission is an urban renewal and retrofitting program by the Government of India to develop 100 cities across the country to make them citizen-friendly and sustainable. Various states in India are competing with each other to create smart cities, some with central funding and others with state/local resources. The Centre and State Government will provide equal funding of $75m each. Of the 100 smart cities planned by GoI, phase 1 includes 33 cities and phase 2 includes 27 cities. The rest are underway. All cities are to be completed by 2022.

Smart Cities Showcases in India

The ‘proof-of-concept’ projects will help you discover how these cities have transformed into smart cities with Cisco’s CDA program. In each city, a stretch of a few kilometres was used to demonstrate smart city solutions.


  • Vijayawada is the commercial headquarters of Andhra Pradesh. It is recognized as a ‘global city of the future’ due to its GDP growth potential.
  • In Vijaywada, Cisco has implemented solutions in areas such as Wi-Fi, smart parking, safety and security, lighting, transport, remote e-governance, citizen kiosks, coupled with Cisco Kinetic for Cities and analytics solutions at City Command and Control Centre (C-4).
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  • GIFT is a business district that aims to design, develop, finance, construct, operate and maintain an international financial and technology city in Gujarat.
  • Here, Cisco has implemented solutions for – public Wi-Fi, smart parking, smart transport, traffic analytics, Remote Expert for Government Services (REGS), smart kiosks, smart environmental sensors along with Cisco Kinetic for Cities.


  • Hyderabad is the capital city of Telangana and the fourth most populous city in India.
  • The Cisco solutions demonstrated here include public Wi-Fi, smart parking, smart transport, traffic analytics, Remote Expert for Government Services (REGS), smart kiosks, waste management, smart environmental sensors along with the Cisco Kinetic for Cities.

Get Gartner’s latest insights on Smart Cities

Current smart city strategies are inadequate if governments, businesses and citizens want to benefit from the broader value of an intelligent urban ecosystem. The roadmap of cities' approaches to smart city and intelligent urban ecosystems will determine the degree and depth of innovation in technology, services and information management.

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IDC report - Creating the Smartest Cities of India

This commissioned study by Cisco in partnership with FICCI and powered by IDC, introduces the Vijaywada Golden pilot project and the value that it promises to citizens and city planners.

Download the IDC report