Fast Cars

Innovate at the Speed of Business

Success requires your infrastructure to run faster than ever before.

Introducing: Fast IT - The New Model for IT

Fast IT transforms your business infrastructure and making your business more flexible, automated, simple and secure.


Fast IT reduces complexity without sacrificing agility and security by addressing the concerns of IT decision makers and simplification like:

  • The new Cisco Mobility Express, Meraki and the new Cisco Hybrid Branch Router reducing complexity for Multi-Gigabit wireless deployment and small branch deployments
  • The Cisco DX video solutions with enhanced operational simplicity improving users’ productivity


Fast IT allows IT departments to focus on innovations like:

  • monetizing mobility traffic via new Cisco Hyper-Location capabilities for Connected Mobile eXperience (CMX),
  • provisioning for Intelligent Branch with Application Performance optimization to reduce costs of WAN links and embedded security for improved branch security.
  • facilitating immersive video collaboration with the new Cisco MX800 Dual design to be flexible to adapt to any room and empowering agile teams with the new Cisco Spark.


Fast IT allows organizations to adapt to emerging threats by addressing before, during and after attacks. Secure Fast IT with:

  • no-compromise Cisco Secure Mobility solutions,
  • The new Cisco secure Data Center solutions.

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Time Description
0830 – 0900 Registration
Enterprise Networks
0900 – 0910 Welcome Speech
Sancoyo Setiabudi, Country Director
0910 – 0950 EN Keynote: Fast IT. Fast Innovation - Transform Your Business
Mark Krischer, CTO Enterprise Networking ASEAN
0950 –1030 Fast IT. Fast Mobility - Prepare for the Next Wave
Tjie Seng Njauw, Consulting SE
1030 – 1040 Morning Break
1040 – 1120 Fast IT. Fast Networks - Redefine the Access Networks
Sanjay Kumar Kundnani, BDM
1120 – 1200 Transforming the Fast IT. Fast Applications - Enable the Intelligent Branch
Rajinder Singh, Product Sales Specialist
1200 – 1300 Lunch
1300 – 1400 Demo Showcases Guided Tours

802.11ac Wave 2: Are you Ready?

Multigigabit wireless isn't just about speed-it's about how your business benefits when users can reach information and applications in a fraction of the time. Learn what you'll need to deliver unprecedented access-all through your existing cables.

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Time Description
0830 – 0900 Registration
0900 – 0910 Welcome Speech
Arthur Siahaan, SE Manager
0910 – 0950 Collaboration Keynote: Collaboration Next
Ryan Kim, CSE Manager
0950 –1030 New Workspace Innovations for the Agile Enterprise
Ketty Budiarto, Product Sales Specialist
1030 – 1040 Morning Break
1040 – 1120 Delighting Customer Care Experience with Omni-channel
Chandra Herawan, PSS
1120 – 1200 Transforming Teamwork for Mobile and Agile Teams in Real Time
Andri Effendy, SE
1200 – 1300 Lunch
1300 – 1400 Demo Showcases Guided Tours

Collaboration from the Browser to the Boardroom

TechWiseTV - 30mins

See how the latest tools have simplified and unified the video collaboration experience

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Red Dot
Time Description
Data Center Track
1400 – 1440 Keynote: Your Unified DC of Everything
1440 – 1510 Unified Computing Momentum: The Next Wave
1510 – 1520 Afternoon Break
1520 – 1600 Unified Fabric with ACI
1600 – 1640 Unified Management for Private Cloud
1640 – 1700 Closing

Inside Cisco's Allen Data Center

TechWiseTV - 14mins

Discover the valuable lessons we learned building a world-class data center.

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Time Description
Security Track
1400 – 1440 Keynote: Intelligent Cyber Security for the Real World

We live in a world today defined by massive expansion of Internet-connected devices, increasingly dangerous and widespread threats, and business and technical change on many fronts. Recent trends and breaches reported in the media consistently provide stark reminders that more needs be done to achieve better IT security. All of this has driven the topic of Cyber Security as a key issue in boardrooms and for top leaders around the globe. This session will highlight the trends in operations, threats and, exploits that serve as barriers to attaining effective, sustainable IT security today. It will also highlight changes we need to make now to help us achieve it. In doing so, we will discuss in details, a new approach to designing and deploying enhanced security across the entire network.
1440 – 1510 Integrated Threat Defence and Incident Response

At the core of any security architecture should be solid threat defense capabilities, with flexible security services provisioning. This session will discuss how Cisco has implemented the FirePOWER Security Service on top of the ASA Firewall. The session highlights some of the key enhancements integrated into ASA, and administration of the FirePOWER Security Service will be described, including highlights on Security Policy based on Application and Identity. Additionally, the audience will understand how ASA with FirePOWER mitigates an attack using NGIPS, how Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) cleans up your Networks and Devices, and how our Advanced Malware Analysis/Incident Response tool (ThreatGRID) enable faster breech remediation for Security Administrators.
1510 – 1520 Afternoon Break
1520 – 1600 Defeating Blended Attacks with Cisco Content Security Solutions

The adage 'HTTP is the new TCP' grows truer each day. With so many different applications and new services now running overtop common protocols like HTTP and HTTPS, filtering and inspecting web content becomes an ever-increasing requirement for compliance and peace of mind. Cisco provides a strong set of content filtering technologies and products that ensures thorough threat protections for your environment, and implementation success for your deployments. Additionally, with the integration of Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), customers not only have deeper protection against ever evolving threats, but also access to the worlds largest Threat Intelligence Grid, which extends their protection as they benefit from globally shared threat information. This session will highlight Cisco's Content Security solutions (WSA/ESA) and the addition of AMP, discussing the key benefits this blended solution offers customers to defend against today's sophisticated attacks.
1600 – 1640 Flexible and Scalable Secure Access Control with Cisco ISE AnyConnect

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) delivers context-based access control for every endpoint that connects to your network. Along with the AnyConnect VPN Client, they provide a flexible, transparent and yet secure working environment for employees, contractors, and guest workers. This session will discuss how a solid Identity and Access design can deliver scalable and highly available access control services for wired, wireless, and VPN users from a single campus to a global deployment. Focus is on the building blocks and design guidance for distributed ISE architectures including high availability for all ISE nodes and their services as well as strategies for survivability and fallback during service outages. Methodologies for increasing scalability and redundancy will be covered such as load distribution with and without load balancers, optimal profiling design, and the use of Anycast.
1640 – 1700 Closing

First Look Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report

Video Webcast - 20mins

Discover how attackers profit from gaps between defender intent and actions.

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