Cisco UCS | 5 Year Customer Celebration

Cisco celebrates 5 years of Unified Computing System (UCS) success as told through global customers and Cisco executives.

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Cisco Delivers Exceptional Value to SAP and SAP HANA Environments

In just five years, the Cisco Unified Computing System™(Cisco UCS®) has become the fastest growing product in the data center market. More than 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies and 28,000 customers have invested in Cisco UCS. This momentum has propelled Cisco to number two in worldwide market share for x86architecture blade servers and has placed us among the top-five server vendors. Our superior economics and operations deliver direct benefits to SAP and SAP HANA solutions, with our customers reporting:

  • 84 percent shorter provisioning times
  • 77 percent less cabling
  • 61 percent lower management costs
  • 54 percent lower power and cooling costs

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