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Cisco Connect

Deep Dive Technical Workshops (60 min sessions)

Join one of our deep dive technical workshops to get a feel of the technology


    Room 1 (15 pax)

    Time Topic Speaker Description
    1.00PM - 2.00PM Security Everywhere: A Simulation of the Integrated and Multi-layered Approach to Threat Defence Rizal Ferdiyan This session features a scenario-based demonstration that follows a user and security analyst as they fight off a series of targeted malware attacks. See how Cisco Security products interact in a unified fashion to provide a multi-layered ‘Cisco on Cisco’ solution that protects the network against advanced malware threats. Before an attack, Cisco Security products maintain a constant state of network protection, predicting and preventing attacks. During an attack, they integrate to identify, repel and quarantine threats as they happen. Finally, the network analyst can access tools to connect, analyze and understand attacks after they occur, and return the network and users to normal functionality as quickly as possible.
    2.00PM - 3.00PM Reap the benefits of SDN with Cisco ACI Virtual Edge Prastowo Yuliarso Many customers leverage ACI (Application Centric Infrastucture) as more than just SDN. It enables cloud native applications, threat containment, network analytics, and provides a consistent policy model across multi-cloud platforms. With Cisco ACI Virtual Edge, customers can now leverage ACI's benefits on the existing Nexus or any traditional IP Infrastructure. Find out how Cisco makes it possible.
    3.00PM - 3.20PM Break
    3.20PM - 4.20PM Cisco SD-Access: Network automation and segmentation Hendra Sugraha, Diar Firman Come to this session to understand the Cisco SD-Access architecture and the underlying technologies! You will learn how to create and implement user and device policy in a Cisco DNA Campus Fabric Automation environment. Also learn how Wireless is seamlessly integrated in SD-Access, automated and managed through a single management tool (Cisco DNA Centre). Attendees are recommended to attend "Software Defined Access: Tranformational Approach to Network Design and Provisioning" prior to this session.
    4.20PM - 5.20PM Under the hood: Next-Gen Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) Architecture Shamil Fernando, Heri Wibowo This session will provide an introduction to the Cisco Next-Gen SD-WAN architecture, highlighting key concepts such as: centralised control plane and orchestration; secure, distributed data plane operation; performance aware delivery of on-premise and cloud delivered applications; policy driven network topology, segmentation and forwarding. This session is for attendees responsible for the design, deployment, and operation of enterprise WAN. Knowledge of enterprise WAN and network fundamentals is recommended.
    5.20PM - 6.00PM Wrap up and close

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    Room 2 (15 pax)

    Time Topic Speaker Description
    1.00PM - 2.00PM Advanced Security Analytics and Machine Learning for Network Security Perry Mock Many of the perimeter security tools are insufficient to defend our ever-growing digital network. These tools mostly focus on preventing attacks but often fail to provide the visibility and control which security teams require when cyberattacks occur. Find out how Cisco Stealthwatch prevents breaches using advanced security analytics and machine-learning to identify and mitigate threats, giving visibility on where, how, when, who and what led to the data breach. Automatic threat detection capability reduces cost, time and complexity of the attack surface.
    2.00PM - 3.00PM Next Generation Cybersecurity: Accelerating Incident Response Irzal Your endpoints, PCs, Macs, servers and mobile devices all contain sensitive data, and cybercriminals want it. Unfortunately, many of the endpoint security tools focus on preventing attacks but often fail to provide the visibility and control security teams require when cyberattacks occur. Discover how to prevent breaches, while rapidly and automatically detecting and remediating the most advanced attacks. See where the malware originated, where it’s been and what it’s doing. Dramatically reduce time to detection, provide proactive threat hunting and reduce your attack surface.
    3.00PM - 3.20PM Break
    3.20PM - 4.20PM Building a Container-Ready Infrastructure Prastowo Yuliarso Is your infrastructure container-ready? Supporting the container is more than just providing the connectivity and opening up the firewall ports. The infrastructure must be ready to embrace a set of infrastructure policies for dynamic instantiation, de-structuring of microservices and protecting the applications. Join us to find why a different approach is required and how technologies can be leveraged.

    This session is for infrastructure and planning teams which desire an understanding of container and infrastructure requirements.
    4.20PM - 5.20PM Cisco Spark design (Build a Spark Bot) Anand Hariharan Learn how to get started with building chat Bots for Enterprise use cases. Cisco Spark APIs and SDKs make it really simple to develop Bots. Its so easy, you can do it in less than 60 mins! Build a secure, scalable, stable chat platform for users and bots.

    Participant Pre-requisites: Love for Bots, caffeine and everything cool!
    5.20PM - 6.00PM Wrap up and close

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