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The business impact of a cyber attack

The global cybercrime market may reach $1trillion this year. For every dollar hackers make, their victims lose. Cyberattacks damage much more than just your IT systems. They can also damage your brand, your revenue and your future.

* Company loss as a result of an attack.

Security helps my business…


…focus on our products and outcomes and avoid wasting time due to attack and data loss.

- Paolo Della Mea, Network Leader, General Electric

"… become more stable, effectively stand up to modern threats and maximise our profit."

Sergey Prishchepa, Network Administrator, MBS (Ukraine)

"… innovate."

Kjartan Are Vivelid, Wireless Network Engineer, IKT Adger (Norway)

… build trust in our network.

- Ivan Tushev, CIO, UltraNET (Bulgaria)

"… stay alive and kicking."

Christian Meyer, Head of Network and Security, UBP (Switzerland)

"…comply with our regulatory requirements and protect our customers' data. "

Gareth Nicholson, Voice Engineer, Capital One (UK)
The Rise of Ransomware

The Rise of Ransomware

Ransomware is the most profitable type of cyberattack ever seen. Learn more about threats such as WannaCry and Nyetya/ Petya and how to stop them before they get in.

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What’s happening in Security?

Learn more about the threats, regulations and technology trends affecting your business. Get tips on how to improve your security on a budget.

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What’s happening in Security?

Are you ready for GDPR compliance?


Here’s all you need to know about the new EU regulation.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into force in May 2018 and it is quickly becoming CISO’s #1 priority. Companies will need to work even harder to protect EU customer data. They will also need to disclose breaches within 72 hours. Fines for non-compliance are high: up to 4% of the company’s global turnover. Are you GDPR ready?

Protect all the edges of your network

Keeping up with evolving threats and new regulations such as GDPR is only part of the challenge in securing the network. Digitisation is bringing new business models and technology is evolving fast to support it. You need to secure your infrastructure on and off premises, inside and outside of the traditional network perimeter. And you need security solutions that can help you do it more effectively.


Security should be simple to deploy, scale and manage. It should be user friendly and help you see the information you need, all in one place.


Your security solutions should work as a team, no matter which vendor created it. Having tools that communicate with each other will help you see threats faster and defend everywhere.


Empower your organisation to detect and respond to threats faster. Machine learning and automation is the clever way to unburden your IT team.

See and protect – from the datacentre to the endpoint

Our security solutions are simple, open and automated and help your protect every edge of your network: before, during and after an attack.

Next-Generation Firewalls

Next-Generation Firewalls

Block more threats and quickly mitigate eventual breaches.

Advanced Malware Protection

Continuously monitor malicious behaviour and stop threats faster.


Encrypted Traffic Analytics

Identify suspicious behaviour within encrypted traffic without decrypting it.

Security Offers

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella

Stop your users from accessing bad domains. Just point your DNS to Cisco Umbrella and it’s done. A global deployment takes only minutes.

Firepower 2100 series

Firepower 2100 series

The first fully integrated next-generation firewall to deliver security without slowing down performance.



Get visibility across the network, data centre, branch offices and cloud. Uncover stealthy attacks with advanced security analytics.

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