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Homepage > Cisco Webex - Harnessing the Power of Teams for SMBs

Cisco Webex - Harnessing the Power of Teams for SMBs

People get real

Work better together, just like in person. Start video meetings that let people feel like they’re at the same table. Create together on interactive white boards. Get together whenever you like to keep work moving between meetings.

Technology that puts teams first.

Give your teams the tools to work the way they like best, whether they’re at a desk or on a mobile device. Cisco hardware and software make meeting rooms smarter and team interactions flow more smoothly. Get the meeting started without wasting time on mundane tasks or needless distractions. Make sure speakers get everyone’s full attention with intelligent video devices that focus and frame them automatically.

Connect without compromise.

Cisco lets you deliver the same great experience no matter the device or location. From meeting room to mobile device, everyone enjoys the same consistent, no-compromises experience. Integration with existing tools is easy, so teams can maintain momentum across workflows.

Scaling made simple, and secure.

While employees enjoy the choices they want, IT teams get the management they need—with a solution that works with existing technology investments and scales easily. Underneath it all, Cisco’s enterprise-grade, mobile-optimized security and compliance help keep data and information safe however your team members want to access it.

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