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See where the team are at with the release of tooling data for monocoque.

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BLOODHOUND SSC (supersonic car) is an engineering adventure for the 21st Century!

The Bloodhound team is led by former land-speed record holder Richard Noble.

The team are striving to break the current land speed record and achieve 1000mph (mach 1.3) with a pencil-shaped car powered by a jet engine and a rocket engine on the Hakskeen Pan Northern Cape, South Africa.

Breaking records to build our future

The Bloodhound team will confront the impossible and overcome it using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

This incredible engineering adventure will inspire, prepare and motivate the next generation of students who will need to design, build and live in a new, low-carbon world.


What inspired Cisco

Cisco and Bloodhound have common ethos and values - collaboration, openness, sharing, and working in support of education to support the future.

Bloodhound wants to inspire a new generation of engineers who will build the high-technology world of the future. Cisco wants to empower, encourage, and enable a great feat of engineering to take place, and to play a part in inspiring the future.

Global Collaboration

As Bloodhound's Networking and Video Partner, Cisco's Borderless Network and Collaboration architectures, WebEx and TelePresence infrastructure are bringing people together. From team members, engineers around the world, students and members of the 1K Club.

Cisco BHTV will tell the story of the adventure. Audiences will be taken behind the scenes of the project as it progresses, via short films produced bi-monthly.

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Inspiring the Next Generation

There is a shortage of scientists, engineers and mathematicians and we urgently need our young people to be motivated to enjoy and study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects right through to university.

The Bloodhound Education Programme is where young people will acquire the skills and develop talents that will encourage them to engage in STEM subjects and overcome our global challenges.

The Ambassador Programme

Cisco is also taking part in the Bloodhound ambassador programme, where schools and young students come together with Bloodhound ambassadors to understand the physics behind the project.