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Defining the Cloud
In the first episode of Cloud Concepts, host Jennifer Wei explains the basics of cloud computing, how its used, and the different types available.
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Rackspace and Hybrid Cloud Solutions at EMC World 2015
Rackspace Enterprise CTO, Sean Wedige, talks with Cisco Influence Marketing, Laura Friedman about Hybrid Cloud trends in the market space at EMC World 2015 in Las Vegas.
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New Opportunities in Software and Cloud
Announced at Cisco Partner Summit, the new Software Partner Program helps current and new partners capture profitable revenue streams and build competencies around software.
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Getting Broadband Where It Needs to Be
Meet the industry’s first Evolved CCAP, the cBR8. Discover how it advances broadband speeds, simplifies network operation, and allows cable operators to compete in billboard data rates.
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Trading Mobile Dollars for IoT Pennies
Connecting the 50 billion projected devices, or things, to the Internet is the cornerstone of the Internet of Things. Given the challenges of remoteness, mobility and the cost of wiring up these devices, many of these connections will be made over mobile networks.
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Sponsored Data is off to a Rolling Start
In a mobile application ecosystem dominated by Over-the-Top (OTT) providers, mobile operators need to exploit new business models in ways to create value with them. One example of a Monetization use case promising a new business model is Sponsored Data.
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Introducing Cisco UCS C3160 Solution
Listen to this session to understand the emerging needs of Cloud Storage, Cisco’s unique value proposition for the C3160, and understand the place the C3160 Series holds within the UCS portfolio.
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Cisco cBR-8: the Converged Cable Access Platform that lasts
cBR-8 is Cisco’s next-gen CCAP that leapfrogs their competition in many ways. In this session Cisco will deliver a very detailed presentation on the cBR-8 solution and how it enables cable operators.
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Capturing New Business Models and Revenues with Cisco Policy Suite
Join this webcast to learn about the latest developments in Cisco Policy Suite to address the business models and customers who have benefitted from new revenue opportunities as a result!
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