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Hybrid Ready Private Cloud
Find out how a large technology company improved response time from weeks to minutes.
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Managed Security
Find out how a global financial institution gained security compliance while adopting new technologies.
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Cisco Advanced Malware Protection
Watch the video to learn why IT security professionals like Tom have entrusted their organization’s security to Cisco’s AMP solution.
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10 Predictions for the Future of Wi-Fi and Mobility
The close of every year brings startling headlines that herald the continued meteoric rise of mobility. This past year was no exception. The 2014 announcement that there are now more mobile subscribers than inhabitants on the planet exemplified the mobile zeitgeist and its importance in our daily lives. This article presents the 10 Predictions for the Future of Wi-Fi and Mobility.
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Videoscape-Powered Advertising + Linear TV: a Winning Combination
Read some of the press covering digital media today, and you’d think that TV advertising is going the way of the dinosaurs. After all, web and mobile advertising lets you slice and dice your ads to target narrow audiences in a way that hasn’t been possible with TV, where historically, targeting meant finding programs that appeal to a broad demographic.
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How Can Satellite Service Providers Deliver At The Speed Of The Web?
How can satellite-based service providers efficiently build consistent services for all of these environments — for connected, unconnected and “maybe connected” devices? Further, how can they release new products and services at a cadence that the Internet-trained consumer has come to expect?
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Making the Most of the Cloud and Enabling New Capabilities
Cloud computing has been an important aspect of IT departments for several years but it wasn’t until the past decade that cloud computing started to develop and evolve to include private, public and hybrid cloud solutions. The capability and agility of the cloud has forced this rapid evolution. Cloud is transforming businesses of all sizes, what does this mean for the future? Read More
SDN and NFV Make Business Better
Service providers look at software-defined networking and network function virtualization technologies with two primary expectations: making their business better and making their business faster while reducing OpEx. To better understand the implications of SDN and NFV, we sponsored two independent studies aimed at capturing the current status, thoughts, concerns, priorities, and factors for implementing SDN and NFV technologies in service provider infrastructures. Register and attend this webcast for a sneak preview of the results.
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Cisco Virtual Topology System: Enabling Data Center Network Agility
The Cisco Virtual Topology System (VTS) is an open software solution that provides a virtual overlay network for multivendor data centers that helps drastically simplify and optimize the usage and management of resources for services delivery. As a part of the Cisco NFV Management and Orchestration suite of products, it provides our customers a firm foundation for agility and scale of the data center network and services offered in today’s complex cloud environments.
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Delivering Video Applications in a Hybrid, Multi-Cloud World
Increasingly, more and more services that have traditionally been done via dedicated physical appliances are being done in software and delivered from scalable, elastic cloud platforms. And while many of these applications are being delivered from private, on-premise cloud installations there is now the opportunity to distribute them across both on-premise and public clouds. This webinar will talk about a few different example applications and how they’re being leveraged by customers in a hybrid cloud model.
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