Introducing the Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System

Get ready for the future where video content, mobile traffic, and cloud data centers will create tremendous network growth. The CRS-3 delivers scale, services, and savings on one integrated platform.

Prepare your network in 3.. 2.. 1..

  • 3 times more scale than the CRS-1 - unmatched by any competitor
  • 2 times more service intelligence - handling core and data center services
  • 1 product family that protects your network investment

Defining Scalability

  • Total capacity of up to 322 Tbps - 13 times the competition
  • Proven multichassis architecture with 3-stage fabric
  • Tried and tested QuantumFlow Array chipset to help prevent bottlenecks

Defining Core and Data Center Services

  • Built-in service intelligence allows the network and cloud to work as one
  • Multi-directional capabilities handle traffic between data centers and from core to subscriber
  • Cloud VPNs automate network connectivity

Defining Cost Savings

  • Lower cost per Gbps - uses up to 40% power of competitors
  • Optional modular power system that grows with capacity
  • Smart design uses the existing CRS-1 chassis and many components, requiring only fabric and line card upgrades

Deliver More Intelligent, Personalized Services

As mobile data traffic doubles each year the mobile Internet is at a turning point. A Cisco IP Next-Generation Network with the Cisco ASR 5000 mobile multimedia core platform can help service providers like you evolve your networks and business models.

A Cisco Mobile Internet Network will not only help you manage the rapid growth in mobile data, but profit from it as well.

To help you evolve your networks, we present:

  • The enhanced Cisco Mobile Internet network architectural framework, one of the most comprehensive and capable mobile portfolios available in the industry
  • The Cisco ASR 5000, a purpose-built mobile multimedia core platform that delivers the performance and intelligence required by today's mobile networks
  • New product features and functionalities that can help you deliver more intelligent, personalized services for greater differentiation and improved monetization
  • The 2010 Cisco Mobile Visual Networking Index that provides valuable insights into how global mobile traffic is growing and changing

Learn More About Cisco's Mobile Internet Solutions

Be sure to bookmark our main page for updates on how Cisco continues to Supercharge the Mobile Internet.

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