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Mobility and the BYOD workplace are integral to business today.

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Forrester Infographic: New Wave of IT Deployment in Midsize Business

This recent study, confirms that the proliferation of devices at midsize businesses continues to impact the pace of change for IT.

Fundamentals of Converged Access - Techwise TV

Learn how to prioritize wireless applications just like you do on the wired network, with Cisco Converged Access.

White Paper: Centralized/Infrastructure Spectral Assurance: Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership (Farpoint)

Read how spectral assurance is a required element in enterprise-class LAN installations and provides benefits of optimization, security, policy enforcement, and troubleshooting.

White Paper: Readiness Assessments: Vital to Secure Mobility

Learn about the benefits and risks of mobility and "bring your own device" (BYOD) policies and how Cisco Mobility solution can help address your challenges.

Analyst Report: Empowering IT Innovations and Reducing Complexity

How IDC evalutes the Cisco set of unified networking and management platforms designed to bring consistency and continuity to all aspects of the campus network, from the wiring closet to WLAN controllers - and everything in between.

White Paper: Secure data access in a mobile universe BYODWP (Economist)

Explore how companies can accommodate rising demands for mobile access to business information while minimising the security risks to proprietary data.