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Cisco Toronto Innovation Centre

Where ideas come to life

Ecosystem and Innovation Partners can be more relevant through the implementation of innovative technologies to help solve industry problems and monetization of new solutions. Collaborate with us and reap the benefits of a partnership that assists with connecting network secure technologies and applications.

Be part of the innovation happening at Cisco

DevNet is a program that builds up Cisco’s developer eco-system to build innovative, secure network-enabled solutions. Get access to API’s and tools that gets your questions answered and helps you differentiate your services from competitors to help you monetize your business.

Innovative Solutions from Cisco Partners

Philips Connected Lighting

The future of lighting delivers value beyond illumination. Now it can integrate seamlessly with IT systems in the building.

Aiselabs’ Retail Analytics

Tying in time spent and money spent with the proliferation of mobile devices and Wi-Fi access through customer experiences.

Delta Controls

Helps to keep buildings up-to-date with advancing technology through energy real-time monitoring and on-going building analytics which can’t be maintained using traditional Building Automation System networks.

What does innovation mean, anyway?

Innovation can be a vague term. Often an overused, overstated, and an under-delivered concept. When you run an innovation centre, people often turn to you for clarity on what innovation means—or should mean—to their business.

Transforming industries

Powering innovation by bringing together technology platforms to co-create new solutions.

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