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Deliver an Enhanced Digital Experience      

Cisco Customer Experiences for Retail



  • Recognize and engage customers
  • Gain insight into store paths and customer behavior
  • Inform customers of targeted, context-relevant information in real time
  • Customize experiences to increase sales, loyalty, and customer satisfaction           
  • Provide expert information on demand


Understand the Digital Shopper

Digital shoppers expect a rich variety of interactive and contextual retail experiences, channels, and options-but rarely find them in traditional retail settings. More than two-thirds, in fact, would be more likely to buy in-store if they had more mobile and digital self-help tools1, and 86 percent of shoppers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.2

Today’s consumer shopping journey involves multiple steps, many of which are now being captured, digitized, and transformed into metrics and data. Every shopper engagement, inventory movement, and promotion leaves a data trail providing opportunities for new capabilities, both from historical data and real-time information, to support decisions across the business. The result is a shift from how to acquire the data to how to extract insights from it—insights that can be turned into differentiation and competitive advantage for the retailer and a better shopping experience for your customers. To capture this opportunity, today’s retailers need to develop and mature a set of capabilities that enable a digital retail experience across all channels.

Dynamically Engage Customers

Building on this understanding of your customers, you can quickly create and deploy context-aware experiences that engage shoppers on their mobile devices and dynamic signage. This helps you build stronger customer relationships, implement new business models, and increase revenue opportunities.

For instance, your customer is recognized by your store app upon entering. Analytics tie to your loyalty system and allow you to send personalized content to mobile or dynamic signage, based on the customer’s preferences or location in-store. The customer can even engage with experts virtually

Predict and Personalize Experiences

By engaging and understanding your customers, you have the intelligence to deliver the right experiences that allow your customers to shop the way they want. Secure in-store Wi-Fi, store app data, and web and social associated analytics allow you to tailor the shopping journey to an individual’s preferences. Now you can provide expert information, live or virtually, and targeted offers and personalized experiences based on an understanding of your customer.

Develop 360-Degree Customer Insights

To gain these insights, you need a single, comprehensive picture of each individual customer—across the myriad touchpoints—and the ability to turn those insights into preferential actions. Gathering metrics from opt-in mobile apps, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, loyalty program data, kiosks, and social media provides you with a 360-degree view of your customer to deliver a highly differentiated shopping experience.

Cisco can help you define and deliver a customer experience strategy that backs your business goals and initiatives.

Mobility is transforming the way we shop. Retail customers expect to shop to their preference, get up- to-the-minute and relevant information, and interact with retailers instantly.

Blandine Charveriat Louis
CMO, Altarea Cogedim


Start Providing a Better Experience Today

Let us help you define and launch a winning digital customer experience strategy for your business so you can tap a new source of shopper data, build new digital tools, and reimagine the customer experience.

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             2 Harris Interactive/Rightnow