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Customers are evolving

They are immersed, they are connected, they are digital 24/7. How you connect with them could make all the difference. It’s time to get to know the consumer of the future.

Customers expect more from retailers

Consumers are more digitally savvy than ever before. They’re more connected than ever before. You need to meet them where they live – in the digital – and arm you staff with the know-how and technology to deliver experiences that delight.

  • of customers would pay more for a better experience.

  • of consumers want a totally personalized experience in exchange for their data.

  • of customers think they know more than store associates.

Retail Tech Trends

Showrooming, Wi-Fi, eCommerce, oh my! Technology is changing the way your customers shop, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Discover how to put technology to work for you and win customer loyalty while you’re at it.

Showrooming: The new reality

Does it feel like your store is becoming more showroom than sales floor? With the right technology, win customers and transform relationships while creating experiences that delight – and keep them coming back.

The online shopping revolution

With eCommerce picking up steam, Canadian shoppers have more access to global goods than ever before. But Canadian retailers can turn that to their advantage. And Cisco can help.

Let’s get phygital!

Whether you’re a restaurant or a high-end fashion retailer, taking a hybrid digital-physical approach to customer experiences will delight and engage your customers – and keep them coming back.

The Truth About Online Shoppers

A new generation of consumers is changing the way we have to approach retail experiences. People no longer “go shopping” – they “are shopping” all the time. What does this mean for your digital retail experience? KPMG has a few ideas you might just love.

Digital Transformation for retail

If you’re ready to transform your retail business into a more digital-first, customer-centric experience, we can help. This free eBook will guide you through your first steps toward digital transformation.

It’s Time for Digital Transformation

Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

To create brand loyalty, you need to start with experiences that delight. From free Wi-Fi to hyperpersonalization, discover how to transform your retail experience for the today’s digital-ready consumers.

See our solutions that …

Prepare for the Digital Age

Cisco is enhancing the digital experience for your customers.

Secure customer data

Deliver the best customer experience, securely, with protection you can count on.

Connect with customers

Impress customers with better ways to connect, communicate, and collaborate.