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Explore Business Transformation with Bruce

Join Bruce, Cisco’s resident expert, as he discusses digital transformation and learn how you can start your own transformation today.

Manufacturing transformation

The fourth industrial revolution is here, whether your factory is ready or not. See how the right technology can help start your digital transformation.

How to simplify your manufacturing process

Bruce and Henderson Brewing discuss the Industrial Internet of Things.

Making data work

Bruce explains how data can help businesses get ahead of competitors and be ready for growth.

Bruce, Coffee, and Manufacturing

Bruce sits down for coffee with Kathy Cheng, president of Canadian manufacturer WS & Co. Ltd. Kathy shares what digital disruption means for the manufacturing industry.

Retail transformation

Today’s customers expect a digital, seamless experience no matter where they are. Learn how to transform your digital retail experience.

Why every business needs guest Wi-Fi

Watch how Cisco's Connected Mobile Experience can enhance the customer experience.

Ways to secure return customers

Cisco Connected Mobile Experience combined with Turnstyle's services can help your company build customer loyalty.

Bruce, Coffee, and Retail

Bruce sits down for coffee with Doug Stephens, founder of Retail Prophet. The topic: digital transformation in the retail industry.

Financial services transformation

Discover how the right Cisco solutions can help transform your business for your future-facing clients. It’s easier than you think.

Importance of securing a cyber security system

The need to protect your data and your customers's data is a key attribute for financial services businesses.

Protecting yourself from ransomware

Cisco Cyber Security tips to stay safe online and avoid hacking.

Bruce, Coffee, and Financial Services

Bruce sits down for coffee with Janet Ecker, president and CEO, Toronto Financial Services Alliance.