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Cisco Capital Canada

In today’s business environment, the decision is not only what technology to purchase, but also how to purchase it. With increased pressure on budgets, it is more critical than ever for growing businesses to control costs and demonstrate return on investments (ROI).

Financing from Cisco Capital can help small, mid-size, and growing businesses address business critical issues, making it possible to focus on key business objectives such as driving productivity, maintaining profitability, and improving competitiveness through innovation.

Cisco Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cisco Systems, specializing in providing innovative financing for Cisco solutions worldwide. More than just a finance company, Cisco Capital is uniquely positioned to provide the most flexible and competitive financing for the acquisition of Cisco technologies.

Cisco Capital Canada Offers and Programs

0.99% Financing for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs)

The easiest way to invest in the right technology for your business, this offer is designed for Canada’s small and mid-market growing businesses. Acquire the technology you need, when you need it with simple Cisco Capital finance arrangements that give you the power to purchase immediately – and the convenience to pay over time.

Cisco Easy Pay 0% Financing

Get 100% of the technology your business need today at only 90% of the price. Cisco Easy Pay helps businesses leverage the world’s best technology without the stress of upfront costs. Technology costs are spread out over 3 years, so you pay for the technology while your business uses it. At the end of the term, you get to choose: return the technology, refresh the technology, or keep the technology (for only 10% of the cost).

Cisco Open Pay

Cisco Open Pay provides consumption-based financing for companies who anticipate a range of compute, storage, routing, and switching needs. Ideal for growing businesses and those who have periods of peak demand – such as seasonal industries – Cisco Open Pay offers the convenience of pay-per-usage capacity with fixed quarterly costs. No hidden charges or backdoor fees.

Collaborate Everywhere Financing Program

Migrate your business’ aging and out-of-date voice and video solutions to the world leader in network-based collaboration. With the Cisco Collaborate Everywhere Financing Program, you can acquire the technology to improve employee productivity, increase operational efficiency, and reduce cost for as low as 0%.

Security EA 0%

Simple, flexible, multi-year deal for all your Cisco Security licenses, upgrades, and support services.

See what Cisco Capital can make possible for your business.