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Remote expert: Don’t let geography get between you and your clients

By Niki Chaplin

Imagine if you could meet your clients whenever they wanted, wherever they wanted. Imagine if you could travel across the country without leaving your house. Imagine if your clients trusted you more and cost you less to serve.

Well, stop imagining. Because with Remote Expert, these “ifs” are reality.

A recent McKinsey report shows that life insurance firms that adopted Remote Expert solutions are already seeing improvements to their business, customer relations, and their bottom lines. Not to mention Cisco’s retail banking clients that have added Remote Expert to their customer service offerings and are already seeing amazing returns.

So what is Remote Expert?

Remote Expert is exactly what it sounds like: a remote expert. You might also have heard of Virtual Experts. It’s the same thing: it’s a way of getting experts — be they mortgage brokers, insurance advisors, or wealth managers — and their clients together no matter where they are in the world.

Historically, financial institutions have relied on call centres to bridge the geographic divide, but this often left clients wanting. Often, the experts they were looking for weren’t on the other end of the phone or they had to book follow-up meetings in person. Luckily, with new technology comes better solutions.

Today’s Remote Expert solutions take advantage of digital technologies, such as real-time content sharing, high-definition video, and remote signatures to provide effective and meaningful face-to-face interactions. At a time when cost-to-serve are going up and customer expectations for better experiences are soaring, Remote Expert can simplify your offerings, save you money, and delight your clients.

Gone are the days when the typical branch model worked for financial services. Staffing braches and keeping the lights on in multiple locations are is expensive and challenging; it’s hard to ensure that the right staff are on site when clients come in. Today, though, the branch has become unnecessary: with the right technology, you can deploy your team of experts across huge spans without travel expenses or wasted time. That’s the magic of Remote Expert.

It’s a unique solution that appeals to your tech-savvy clients — and it’ll keep them coming back, no matter where they are or what time they’re available to meet. Remote Expert gets your experts and your clients together, so you can get back to the business of running your business.