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Redefining the Financial Customer Experience

Digital disruption is effecting every industry, and Financial Services is no exception. The way your clients are using, moving, and saving their money, how they’re insuring their homes and thinking about retirement and mortgages, all of it’s changing as technology becomes more ingrained in their daily lives.

Financial Services institutions that don’t keep up are doomed to failure. But those who do adapt will see improved customer experiences, better customer relationships, and increased ROI.

On April 13, 2017, we invited 3 global experts to discuss digital disruption in the Financial Services industry. We were joined across the country by leaders from the Financial Services industry via Cisco TelePresence, and we recorded the presentations so you too can benefit from the essential insights our experts offered.

Ralph Silva - The Financial Client Experience

Ralph is a world-renowned writer, consultant, and broadcaster who specializes in Financial Services. He’s a digital adopter, on the cutting edge of Financial Services developments. He joined us to discuss how he sees the customer experience changing in light of technological advancements.

In this presentation, Ralph discusses:

  • Unbelievably personalized marketing, all because he needed a car
  • The evolution of personalization in banking over 400 years (give or take)
  • Innovations in financial tech you have to see to believe

Download Ralph’s exclusive slides and dive deeper into his content.

Daniel Latimore - Five Steps to Becoming Truly Digital in Financial Services

Daniel is the Vice President of Celent’s Banking practice, covering everything from innovation to omnichannel banking. He’s especially interested in the way behavior impacts economics, how people make decisions, and how that impacts banks. He joined us to discuss his research into the ways Financial Services institutions can take advantage of digital disruption to improve their offerings.

In his talk, Daniel covers:

  • Behavioral economics for a digital ecosystem
  • How essential customer relationships are for innovation and success
  • The softer side of digital engagement and FinTech

Sesh Tirumala – Digital Transformation: Cisco's Journey

Sesh is Vice President of Global Architecture and Technology Services at Cisco. He has played a large role in Cisco’s own transformation, allowing our customers to undertake their own digital transformations with confidence. His presentation covered Cisco’s digital transformation and insights that Financial Services leaders can adapt within their own organizations.

Sesh shared many insights, including:

  • Cisco’s digital transformation model
  • The value proposition and principles of digital transformation
  • How to get IT aligned with organizational goals

Download Sesh’s essential slides for easy reference.