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Cisco Live 2011 is designed to open up new horizons by providing fascinating insight into technology innovation and vision, plus training and networking opportunities. You'll be able to experience first hand some of the Next Generation technology solutions from Cisco within the World of Solutions which this year brings you more demos than ever before.







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Service Provider - Multiservice Edge
Service Providers are continuously under profitability pressure through price competition, escalating user expectations and the challenge of “over-the-top” players. The challenge is to simultaneously decrease costs, increase scale and improve average revenue per user (ARPU). Cisco has a strategy to support these competing objectives through intelligent, scalable Multiservice Edge platforms built ground-up for video and cloud services with industry-leading density and resiliency.

Discuss with Cisco experts the readiness of the ASR 9000 platform to provide innovative ARPU-increasing services to your customers. See for yourself the quality of its service delivery and drive a live demonstration of its resilience. Use a web-controlled robot to remove a route processor while the ASR runs high-definition video streaming and watch what happens.

Service Provider – IPv6
IANA - the world’s authority for the allocation of Internet Numbers – has run out of traditional IP addresses. Soon Service Providers around the world will also begin to run out as they allocate their dwindling stock of addresses at an ever increasing rate to the explosion of connected devices. It’s time to move to a new plan.

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) has a vastly increased addressable range and many other advantages over its predecessor. But how can SPs take advantage of this new protocol, enable their networks and migrate their customers? Cisco has a roadmap for Preserving existing address space, Preparing for the transition and Prospering from the new capabilities of v6.

Hear about Cisco’s readiness for v6, learn about Cisco’s Carrier Grade transitional capabilities, see demonstrations of v6 access and interworking that can be deployed by SPs today.

Office of the Future, Today....

Where do you work today? How do you work today? What If you could work from anywhere?

Connected to your team. Connected to your Data. Connected to your Meetings. Today, you can.

Open document at a desk, carry it into a meeting, edit it on the train, share it from your home...and never once open a laptop.

Make your home as comfortable and intelligent as you are by managing your entertainment, security and energy from your iPhone or Droid.

Visit us in the World of Solutions to see Cisco’s vision for the Office of the Future, where Virtual Networking changes the way you Work, Live, Play and Learn.

Cisco Services:
Put Cisco Expertise to Work for You

Come and meet the Cisco Services Team at Cisco Live 2011 and hear the latest on what’s happening in Smart Services. And, while you’re there put your skills to the test and join our troubleshooting competition for a chance to win a great prize.

For more information on Cisco Advanced Services, Technical Services and Remote Management Services, visit our website at:

Urban Security
In large and complex urban environments, it is critical for decision makers to reduce the time from detection of an incident to response by first responders. This demonstration will show two Urban Security use cases.

Unattended Object/Loitering:
There are many locations and situations where detecting an unattended object is considered safe practice. In the more obvious situations, detecting a package or piece of luggage left unattended in a train station or airport can be cause for concern. A less obvious situation is the presence of a vehicle in a forbidden location or an area where it has been left unattended for a period of time. There are situations where either of these may not be cause for concern, so including the ability to evaluate the situation is imperative.

Unauthorised Building Access/Forced Entry:
Controlling physical access to a location is as much about keeping unauthorised persons out of an area as it is about allowing authorised persons into the same area. It becomes more challenging when this profile can change based on situational conditions or time of day.

Video Surveillance
The Cisco CIVS-IPC-4000 series of High Definition IP Cameras includes the CIVS-IPC-4300 and the CIVS-IPC-4500. These feature-rich digital cameras designed for a wide variety of video surveillance applications. They include an open, standards-based design that provides an ideal platform for integration and operation as an devices or as part of a Cisco Video Surveillance network.

The 253x Series IP domes are vandal-resistant. They include a heater and fan and are designed to be mounted outdoors. Model CIVS-IPC-2530V includes a clear dome cover and model CIVS-IPC-2531V includes a smoked dome cover.

Cisco® Video Analytics software offers users innovative ways to perform video analysis. The software provides an intuitive interface to enable organizations to make the best use of their surveillance video. Cisco Video Analytics offers a choice between two analytics packages: Security and Counting. Events that are generated by the Cisco Video Analytics software will be sent to the Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server and may be viewed on that platform.

Physical Access Control
Cisco Physical Access Control is a comprehensive solution with hardware and software components that provide electronic access control using the IP network. Demonstration to showcase the ability of Cisco's Physical Access Control to not only do electronic access control but, also collaborate with other Cisco physical security products like video surveillance manager (VSM) and mass notification systems like IPICS.

Integration with EnergyWise to show how you can turn on an office when a person badges-in and turn off the office when a person badges-out.
We would be showing the Integration with video surveillance on how a live video feed and recorded video feed pop-up when there is an alarm condition.

Digital Media Suite
Business Video

Create a better organisational culture and increase customer intimacy with effective communication and collaboration.

The Cisco Digital Media Suite (DMS) is a comprehensive offering of webcasting and video sharing, business IPTV and digital signage applications that can help transform how you learn, grow, communicate, and collaborate.

Building on Cisco's history and expertise in video and networking, Cisco DMS allows organisations to use high-quality, dynamic digital media to easily connect customers, employees, partners, and students anywhere, anytime; regardless of whether it’s through a digital display in an employee break room, a marquee in a customer lobby, or a video application on a user’s desktop.

Cisco can extend digital media into new compelling applications for real-time and on-demand communications with flexible digital media creation and any-to-any media adaptation enabling publishing of content in various formats to multiple devices.

Cisco Live 2011 is an opportunity to experience Cisco’s business video portfolio and learn how Cisco’s Digital Media solutions can enable your business.

Connected Stadium
Venues, stadiums, teams, leagues and entertainment centres around the world are harnessing the power of Cisco Sports and Entertainment solutions to deliver more powerful and personalised fan experiences, realise new growth opportunities and drive their competitive advantage.

During Cisco Live in Melbourne, attendees visiting the Cisco Sports & Entertainment demonstration will be able to experience new and innovative ways in which the fans experience is enhanced within a venue. Through the use of mobile technology and HD video attendees will also see the latest technology used for such areas as corporate suites, general concourse and concessions and merchandise stands. In addition attendees will be able to appreciate the efficiencies of optimising venue operations through the digitisation of the venue while at the same time exploring the opportunities to enhancing in-venue sponsorship and advertising.

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Borderless Networks

Cisco Borderless Networks is an Enterprise and Public Sector network architecture that securely, reliably, and seamlessly connects people, information, and devices accelerating business innovation.

Visit the Borderless Networks demonstration area in the World of Solutions to experience how Cisco Borderless Networks transforms the way IT governs networks by linking users, devices, applications, and business processes together.

AnyConnect Secure Mobility
Provide easy and secure access on the user device of choice while enforcing consistent security policies.

The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility solution delivers the most robust and secure enterprise mobility solution on the market today. The solution enables mobile users to easily and securely access the applications and information they need to do their jobs using their mobile device of choice, including laptops and handhelds. At the same time, the solution allows organisations to easily manage the security risks of borderless networks.

The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility solution has features that provide:

Cisco CleanAir Technology
Enable mobile devices with enterprise-class 802.11n and wireless interference protection.

Cisco CleanAir Technology improves air quality with silicon-level intelligence to create a self-healing, self-optimising wireless network that mitigates the impact of wireless interference and offers performance protection for 802.11n networks.

The CleanAir technology demonstration integrates all of the elements of the wireless system to provide automatic adjustments to optimise wireless coverage around the impacts of interference. Unlike existing Wi-Fi solutions, CleanAir technology has the ability to detect, classify, locate and mitigate sources of interference, resulting in a simplification of wireless operations and an improvement in wireless performance.

Energy Efficient Routing and Switching
Energy management architecture to monitor, manage, and optimise energy use with Cisco EnergyWise.

Experience how to improve your operational efficiency and reduce energy costs through Cisco EnergyWise:

Simplifying Branch-Office Infrastructure
This demonstration highlights new capabilities within ISR G2 platform. The newest feature is to run a virtualisation application on top of SRE modules and provide a consolidated platform to customer for the first time in this industry. Now the customers have an option to move to a centralised solution, or to a decentralised solution or a cloud-based solution based on their needs. This is for the first time customer can run home grown Windows or partner application within ISR G2 routers. The architecture leverages the benefits of virtualisation and concepts like snap shot and restore which highlight the fact how simple and quick it is now to install application on SRE module. This solution shows a capability to host multiple services on a single device thereby drastically reducing operational and capital expense for the customers.

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Visit the Collaboration Stand at Cisco Live where we will show you how Cisco can help customers navigate these complexities.

Customer Collaboration

Collaborative Workspace
Enable your people to collaborate with confidence, building virtual teams, reducing delays and connecting the right people easily.  How can organisations ensure that their communications infrastructure works together seamlessly so they can make decisions faster?

Mobile Communications
‘Empowering the Mobile Workforce’

Client Virtualisation

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Data Centre and Virtualisation

Cloud Ready WAN Optimisation
This demonstration illustrates how Cisco Virtual WAAS (vWAAS) is the first cloud-ready WAN optimisation solution that accelerates applications delivered from private and virtual private cloud infrastructure, using policy-based on-demand orchestration with Nexus 1000v.

Cloud Ready Security Services
In the demonstration, we will show how VSG can help secure VM traffic and access to resources in multi-tenant environments where compute resources are shared between tenants.

Cloud Ready Desktop Services
Learn how the Cisco VXI architecture enables employees to access information and applications in a virtualised environment regardless of their location or computing devices. Cisco VXI allows enterprises to deliver ANY Application to ANY device in ANY workplace environment.

Cloud Service Automation with UCS Manager
This demonstration will showcase how UCS Manager through Service Profiles (SP) can help customers to deploy servers more quickly with higher quality and less complexity compared to other traditional blade systems on the market. This demonstration will also discuss how the service profiles will significantly reduce the time to repair a system in case of a failure.

Data Centre of the Future
The Data Centre of the Future demonstration showcases Cisco solutions and products along with key ecosystem partners. Come learn how Cisco solutions can integrate into your current data centre environment and leverage power, cooling and environmental solutions with our infrastructure partners. Additionally, you’ll hear how Cisco and partners can provide integrated stacks for business applications and virtual desktops.

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