Cisco Live ANZ 2014 - Melbourne, Australia | 18 - 21 March 2014 | Networking Event | Network Event - Cisco

Technology Tracks

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Technology Tracks


Collaboration, one to one or one to many, encompasses and unifies all forms of communication from voice, video, IM and presence inside and outside the organisation. Cisco collaboration technology can enable and integrate these communications methods into one unified architecture. The Cisco Live collaboration focused stream will include detailed sessions on understanding, designing and deploying collaboration solutions.

There will be a particular focus on all aspects of designing, managing and troubleshooting unified communications for voice and video from network integration, communications control, admission control, dial plan, virtualisation and trunking either delivered On-Premises or as a hosted solution. This year there will be an emphasis on external connectivity both private and public, federation and remote access.

Sessions will also be available to then provide guidance on desktop and mobile unified communications, conferencing and multi-party collaboration and contact centre customer response solutions both within your organisation but also federated with your customers and partners.

This track is designed for technical professionals who have an interest or focus on unified communications and collaboration technologies. It will give you an in-depth explanation of current unified communications and collaboration solutions and their relevant integrations providing you with design and deployment advice and offers a great opportunity to listen to and interact with our experts.
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Data Centre

Cisco's Data Centre architecture can help organisations develop advanced implementations of physical, virtual, and cloud environments. To achieve new levels of agility and innovation, companies must answer key questions, such as whether to use a hosted/private cloud or a public cloud for applications and services - and how to rapidly provision new applications and enforce security policies while providing the scalability and flexibility that today's enterprises need to grow and thrive.

Sessions in this track will draw on Cisco's own experience helping clients implement cloud environments and developing the innovations to address key business requirements. Attendees will see how a consistent, integrated design approach to Data Centre services - one that fully capitalises on the latest technologies - can deliver new levels of agility and lower capital and operational expenditures.
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Enterprise Networks

Network Infrastructure and Systems (NIS) are the foundations of modern day business transactions and communications. Core infrastructure is critical to delivering a high performing, highly available network that supports business objectives. The role and functions of these devices is constantly evolving with next generation silicon, programmability, architectures and protocols.

At Cisco Live 2014, the NIS track will continue to focus on the designing, deployment and operation of Network Infrastructure Systems within Enterprise, Branch and Campus networks. Topics covered include network virtualisation, high availability, network management, QoS, MPLS and enterprise IPv6. This track will also provide attendees with an insight into Cisco's latest innovations in Software Defined Networking (SDN) and next generation campus architectures. The track is tailored to Architects, Integrators and Engineers with a background in Network Infrastructure.
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With the increase in consumer personal mobile devices coming into the enterprise there is a noticeable shift towards using Wi-Fi as the primary method of network access. The Mobility track at Cisco Live 2014 is designed to deepen your understanding of how to design and develop a secure and scalable unified mobility platform in order to handle this increase in Wi-Fi endpoints. As more and more devices are connected to wireless networks, reliability, deployment flexibility and manageability are key.

This years expanded range of technical sessions will cover both Cisco Unified Wireless Network and Converged Access deployments. They will also cover a broad spectrum of technology areas that make up a mobility platform. At a high level, this spectrum includes Voice and Video, Radio Frequency Design, Mobility Services, Network Management and Security.
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Defend Discover Remediate

Today, as the available attack surface continues to grow, the threat horizon is more dynamic than ever before. Rapid transitions in the world around us, driven by cloud, mobility and the Internet of Everything, are impacting traditional security approaches. The notion of the "perimeter" no longer exists and many intrusions are able to circumvent disparate, traditional point security controls. Organisations need a pervasive, dynamic security architecture that adapts to mitigate each phase of the attack lifecycle.

Cisco security solutions help organisations embrace these transitions while protecting information assets, empowering employees, and accelerating business innovation. Cisco is committed to the delivery of an integrated, context-aware, network-centric secure infrastructure that will improve visibility and operational resilience.

New developments include:

  • Cloud-Based Intelligence: Proactive and consistent protection that delivers real-time threat mitigation before signature availability
  • Context-Based Policy and Management: Intelligence-based access control focused on the user, end-point and application
  • The Network-as-a-Sensor: Better telemetry and stronger enforcement from port-to-port and user-to-application
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Service Provider

In the era of the Global Economy, more and more businesses are extending their reach into the new markets which in turn calls for smarter and more flexible use of their resources, with Service Providers playing key role in this transition. While enabling smooth, secure and dynamic information flow, Service Providers still face fundamental challenges with network reliability, security and exponentially increasing bandwidth demands. Also, new developments such as cloud computing and network programmability elevate to the next level the way companies efficiently collaborate and communicate.

The Cisco Live 2014 Service Provider program features new business and technical sessions designed to help Service Providers gain the knowledge they need on the wide range of key topics such as IPv6, Hardware and Software architectural innovations, Advances in Routing protocols, Internet of Everything, Cloud and SDN.
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