Cisco Live ANZ 2014 - Melbourne, Australia | 18 - 21 March 2014 | Networking Event | Network Event - Cisco

Service Provider

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Service Provider

In a competitive and global market, Service Providers are under ever-increasing pressure to provide improved and differentiated services to their customers. At the same time they must contend with declining price expectations and market disruptors such as "over-the-top" content providers, social media and government broadband initiatives. To maintain and grow their customer base, revenue and profitability, Service Providers need to provide new value to their customers greater than traditional activities such as Internet access or geographical reach for data transport. At the same time, Service Providers need to improve network reliability, security and energy efficiency.

The dramatic growth of mobile and video communication are opportunities to establish new capabilities and capture increased margin in expanding markets. The rapid transition to cloud-enabled Information Technology solutions is an ideal opportunity for Service Providers to apply their existing managed services expertise to a new business model.

The Cisco Live Service Provider program features technical education, training and discussion sessions and seminars designed to help Service Provider Engineers and Managers expand knowledge of key technologies such as core transport, routing and switching, mobile and fixed access services, video distribution and content delivery, data centre virtualisation and multi-tenant cloud services orchestration

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