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The intersection of people, technology and workplace strategy

View all your favourite sessions from the Workplace Technology Transformation Summit 2019 On Demand

Keynote – Work in the New Industrial Revolution

Anders Sörman-Nilsson
Global Futurist and Innovation Strategist, Thinque Group

The Bridge to Possible, Managing Change and Impact

Aruna Ravichandran
Vice President, Collaboration Marketing, Cisco

Tribes and Squads – People and Place in the Agile Enterprise

Sek-loong Tan
Principal, Boston Consulting Group

Space Strategy


Vanessa Sulikowski
Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco

Collaborative Workflows – Building Bridges not Islands

Javed Khan
Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Collaboration Technology, Cisco

Collaborative Workflows – Building Bridges not Islands

Sandeep Mehra
Vice President and General Manager, Collaboration, Cisco

A Customer Perspective: Workplace Transformation

Jen Goeldner
Head of Workspace Technology, Transurban

Get More Value From Your Workplace with Smarter Adoption

Heidi Rhodes
Senior Manager, Digital Experience and Enablement, Cisco

The Future Augmented Employee

Keith Griffin
CTO, Teams Collaboration Group

Cisco at the Heart of Australia’s Digitisation

Tim Fawcett
Director Corporate and Government Affairs, Cisco Systems Australia Pty Ltd